30 March 2004


For some reason, I don't really feel good this morning. Ever since the first day of the 2nd Term, I have been acting like this. I started to swear...a lot! Even to my good buddies. I wasn't kind already, I suddenly became mean, nasty, intolerable! I...I just don't understand. I wasn't like this before, why have I turned into this?

Was I influenced by my friends? Maybe. Just this morning, I got into a rage for no reason at all. I feel that the world suddenly hated me, ignored me. No one even cared about me. My self-esteem was greatly lowered. This isn't right. I wanted to seek help, but no one approahed me...No one approahed me. I was so lonely, so depressed, so frightened, that I started to change my attitude. I wasn't the cheerful type of guy anymore. Every morning is a gloomy start for me. I talked less and less in class. And not very often hang out with anyone. I acted like a cool guy, which I always wished I was, but now, I don't wish it anymore. I want things to revert back to normal.

I don't know why I felt like this. Even thought I acted strangely only a few days, I don't really like it. It's like, so unlike me. The mirror image of me. Evil, merciless, hatred, anger... My whole life suddenly changed. From a hero to a zero. I'm nobody.

I just don't know what to do. I feel completely lost. I really need help, need someone to guide me...


P/S New blog especially for my friends at Form 2Y. I want to remind you of our homework for everyday. New background...filled with bubbles...and it's sad allrite...Hope tomorrow will be a better day...

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29 March 2004


Yahoo! There's a new "tagboard" down there, and you guys can actually tag! Isn't it cool? I really must give credit to MyShoutBox.com . Come get it there! And look at the Status Bar, did you see anything? Open your eyes wide...

Today, for some reason, my mood is half-happy, half-sad. Don't know why. Maybe because Jia Jia beat me in...(On the Phone)...Sorry for the interruption, my big brother was calling in from Australia...haha...talked about some things, even asked him to check out this website. Whhops! As I was saying, Jia Jia beat me on this first Assessment Test, now planning to plot revenge!!! Mua-hahhahahah...

Stay tuned, and look out for updates. That's all the time I have, see you later, folks!

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28 March 2004


Did I just post twice in a day? Who cares! For today's news, you all should have noticed the new layout! Yes, I had just made things worse..."lol". I just found this really cool HTML book in Paul & Elizabeth Bookstore, and I decided to follow whatever they stated. Its not permanent, but I try to amend the changes. Sigh, the holidays are almost over, with about 13 hours time before school starts. Don't you wish the holidays would extend a little bit longer?

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Viola! Behold, the artist's masterpiece...umm...What on earth is this?! Oh well, guess this is my "new" layout. I just hope it's not permanent! So far today nothing interesting had happened, but yesterday, I had met this girl who is Jason's friend. She is a smart Alec. Surprisingly, she acts like an ordinary girl with no super-telekenitic powers(How do you spell it?). Oh well, that's human nature all right.

Yesterday, Steven and I talked a lot about Pokemon. And we really TALKED A LOT! Well, discussed about the legendary Latios and Latias, and Mirage Island! Hmm...I wonder how to get there? "Lol"

Too bad today is the last day of school holidays. I'm going back to school, back to school, back to school! How sad. Luckily I finished all of my homework, except for the Science Sample Papers for this competition. Hey, no sweat! Tomorrow we are going to have Practical lessons, I don't think teacher will discuss the answers yet, so, maybe I do it after school. ;) Anyway, I think I wrote enough for today, I see you guys again...tomorrow. Hopefully there is no homework to delay me from posting more of this. Take care people.

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27 March 2004


Horray! I think I've done a lot to improve this blog. ^.^ First thing, you guys might have noticed there is this new counter below the blog. Okay, I think its a bit...uh...shabby, but it'll have to do! And secondly, this page had "officially" turned international! "LOL" You can view this page in the language specified below. That's the reason why I have to type out everything in proper English, for the sake of those people. Anyway, it is still in a testing stage, though, but feel free to try them out. I see you people again, in the meantime, take care!

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26 March 2004


yay! finally i got the blog!!! peace! now i think i'm tryin to add sm music frm pkmn ruby into this website...well...ummm...i think tats all...check back agen 4 more updates..take care ppl!!!

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25 March 2004


o well, i jaz dunno how in the world the blog disappears frm this webby. i oledi put up the image onto freewebs.com, n still...there isn't anythin! o well...sigh...guess i haf to deal wif neopets agen! jaz a temporary one of coz...

The current mood of mystiblaze at www.imood.com

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okay...to create a blog...is like..so hard!!! i spent bout 3 hours to create this...uh...tiny little blog! LOL...hahaha...o well, i guess its a great start. *sigh* needs to take a peek at other ppl's website n look at their html format...jaz to get an idea...n also many thanks to uh...my adobe photodeluxe business edition thingy...enuff writin, but watch out 4 this page!!! take care...love yer all

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24 March 2004


heya ppl, srry bout this "uncool" layout...i mean...i jaz started it out!!! mayb u guys can give me some time...n i sort everything out??? lol (^.^) anyway i post more things later when i master all these "things" take care ppl!

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