29 March 2007
Short Note

So like, for the next 3 days, both operators of this site here shall go on a quest to explore new lands across the Malaysian border into the unknown, in this case, the city/town/place, called Labuan. Accompanying us on our journey would be the whole councillor squad, excluding a few, and two brave souls, i.e, two random teachers. But yes, we will embark tomorrow at 3.30pm, or was it 4.00, from the port of Muara, and E.T.A at Labuan port would be 4.45-5.00pm. Wish us luck. Advanced birthday to the great Jason Sim, for his date of birth would be on none other than the dreaded April Fool's Day. Enjoy yourselves for Saturday would be yet another random public holiday. Until then.

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22 March 2007
Weird Tag!

This is a very, very late response to both Kim and Karen who tagged me to write six weird things about myself. That's easy enough, I guess. I'm a naturally weird person, I admit. Everybody knows that anyway. Without much ado, I present some of the weird points I possess.

Rule: "Those who get tagged must post 6 weird things about themselves in their blog and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post, you must choose 6 other people to tag."

You know guys, I'd love to do it but I'm not going do it. :( I think by doing so, it jeopardises my privacy and it exposes my weakness or bring light to my weirdness to everyone. Forget it. Some people just couldn't accept what I wrote (not pinpointing anyone). I had enough of people taking advantage of me.

You may say I snapped. I say I'm less naive now. Freedom of self-expression has to be exercised.

I hope you do know what I mean. If you understand.

That's the very reason why I blog less frequently nowadays. I'm planning to just abandon this blog and leave everything to Steven. What a "wonderful" demise to this blog which birthday is 2 days later...

It existed for 3 years now. So many memories of mine are kept in this blog. They have shaped me into a person I have become today and they carved the pathways of my life. I'm not going to dump them, delete them and forget about them. I don't want to lose my memories... all 259 of them (inclusive this and Steven's...).

Is this goodbye yet? I don't know. You just have to sit back and find out for yourselves. Until then, toodles... And sorry to Kim and Karen for disappointing. :(

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15 March 2007
Time for an update.!?

Well now, lets see. So like, the first assessment test just ended today. And holidays are starting for all schools in Brunei for around 10 days. But why does this not seem to mean anything? Becaues we're gonna have to go back to school... Very fun. Theres still classes tomorrow..on Friday. Then Saturday. Nowadays, Saturdays are the only days i actually feel like looking forward to, since its the only day i get to actually sleep and wake up late, since there's no school on Sundays. (No lessons that is, the school is still there) SO, its been, school-like, for the past 2 months. Nothing special. Due to my lack of skills in formatiing word documents and also the lack of need to do so, I shall leave this paragraph huge and blocky to make it seem as though i actually blogged a lot when in actual fact im just typing in irrelevant and unnecessary material for the purpose of making it look long, like I am right now. But yes, enough of that. Have a good holiday everyone. Until next time.

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