15 March 2007
Time for an update.!?

Well now, lets see. So like, the first assessment test just ended today. And holidays are starting for all schools in Brunei for around 10 days. But why does this not seem to mean anything? Becaues we're gonna have to go back to school... Very fun. Theres still classes tomorrow..on Friday. Then Saturday. Nowadays, Saturdays are the only days i actually feel like looking forward to, since its the only day i get to actually sleep and wake up late, since there's no school on Sundays. (No lessons that is, the school is still there) SO, its been, school-like, for the past 2 months. Nothing special. Due to my lack of skills in formatiing word documents and also the lack of need to do so, I shall leave this paragraph huge and blocky to make it seem as though i actually blogged a lot when in actual fact im just typing in irrelevant and unnecessary material for the purpose of making it look long, like I am right now. But yes, enough of that. Have a good holiday everyone. Until next time.

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You cheated by adding redundant words towards the end! Booo! :P

It feels weird to go to school during the holidays when every student elsewhere in Brunei are sleeping in while we study! :O Never mind, at least now my mom owns the roads every morning, LOL! :P

I am having Monday blues now thinking about school...

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