31 May 2008
Yet another weekend

Ho ho, it is Saturday, the day after Friday, the day I get to sleep late the previous night and still wake up late tomorrow without a worry for there is no school. The little things in life matter (when college work piles up). Its been what, 2 months or so? Site is neglected, I know. And I know I've mentioned I *might* upload *some* pictures in my last post, but basically I don't have much of any real pictures to upload anyways, so oh well.

The days have been pretty much a routine. Day in day out, the weeks go by relatively quick. But the workload just gets more and more. Just recently completed my first real essay here, after a whole month of research - or at least, you're given one month, how you come about doing it is another story. Australian education system is..interesting. Copyright actually matters here, and no longer can you copy and paste information from Wikipedia and hope to score. Anyways, on the same day this first essay was due, a second essay assignment came up. They really don't give you breaks. Its all pretty fast paced, and you'll just fall behind if you fail to catch up with all the work.

With the exams lurking around the corner, well, in 3 weeks or so anyways, I'll probably not be blogging for quite some time until then, not that i actually blog often anyways, but thats not the point. Then theres holidays after that, but I won't be going back to Brunei this time around. It'll most probably be in December before I get to go back. Wonder how much it would've changed by the time i do go back. Should be fun.

In any case, I'll just keep this short for now. Its currently autumn now, pretty soothing. It gets rather cold on certain days, especially mornings, but its really nice to see the leaves turn brown and get carried off by the winds. The views in the parks are nice as well, clean and tranquil. Gives you this sense of peace to it, life away from everyday's worries. Well, enough philosophical contemplations. Time to take my leave. Until the next post.

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