28 August 2004
Kae Kwang, You May Kiss My Foot!

This message is exclusively for the monkey, Kae Kwang:-

Hey, Kae Kwang! I beat you in Maths Assessment Test, by so many marks. Almost all of us at the back beat you. Brag some more lah, you! Just because you beat us in the Class Test doesn't mean that you have to brag until like that. Now that we had beaten you, you have nothing to brag about now. Haha! Maluuuuuu =P

Hey people! The class had just got back their test papers. For me, well, I'm quite satisfied with my marks...I don't really know about others, hehehe...Finally I'm now ahead of Jia Jia, maybe I can be the top dog of the class =D I'm just worried about Computer, Commerce and Bahasa Melayu, I just hope I can get credit for these two...Oh well, what can I do at the meantime? Just pray pray pray hard that I can get credits. I guess that is all for today, I will see you all later, bye guys!

P.S. Loser! To Kae Kwang

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26 August 2004
Set Free!

Hey people! I'm back! Had just been released on bail...LOL...I mean, from 1 week of pure torture...STUDY! Finally, its the end, and now I can come online again. Yippee! A lot had happened within the 2 weeks, so I will type them down and your job is to read them. Here they are:-

18th of Aug. 2004 (Wednesday)

This was the day I sat my very first Computer Practical Test about DBMS. What's so special about it, you'll ask? Well, one thing is that IT'S SO DAMN HARD! I mean, very very very very hard. even my teacher had tried doing it and admitted it was hard. And some of the questions even asked us to do the impossible. The worst thing is, we were only given 30 minutes! I don't think that is enough. Maybe I will flunk. Hmm...I wonder who set the test?

19th of Aug. 2004 (Thursday)

I dissected a cow's eye! Mua-hahahah! It was fun, exciting, interesting, and not to mention disgusting. We were given specific instructions by Mrs Simmonds, our Science Teacher, before we proceed. So, I was one of the "dissectors". I cut a square hole near the optic nerve, and then looked through. Jely was oozing out. Its not surprising that I can see nothing; the eye is removed from the cow one week before. It's not fresh. After that, I poured out this jelly called vitrous humour and "POP" out comes the eye lens. Ooohhh...how interesting. I found the other parts of the eye, scraped off the retina to uncover choroid, scrape it off again to find sclerotic coat. So we finished with the dissection and threw everything away. For some strange reasons, some of my friends actually brought back the eye lens o.O . By the way, I feel sorry for the cow.

I took some INFORAMA team qualifying test and managed to be in. Hehehe...

24th of Aug. 2004 (Tuesday)

Yay! I caught the flu...Ugh! Mucus kept flowing out of my nose. Used up about 100 pieces of tissue papers, I think. Man, I keep blowing my nose like some sort of a madman and my nose turned red. Maybe I can be qualified to be Santa's reindeer. LOL. Anyway, my mom introduced me to Panadol and some sort of a flu medicine, and felt so much beter when I thought I was developing a fever because my forehead was kind of hot.

That was all the major events that were happening in "The Week of Torture". I guess I typed quite a lot, and my hands are now auite sore. Please do not mind some spelling mistakes that I had typed out, I 'm too lazy to edit it...Hehehe...Okay guys, I will post more. See you all!

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15 August 2004
Temporarily Inactive

Sorry to upset you guys, but I am going to sit for my Tests next week. You all know what this means, you won't hear from me until 26th of August, 2004 (Thursday). Oh, the horror, the horror!!! Mua-hahahaahhaha... Anyways, I will promise I will be back to maintain this website again, and hopefuly, I will pass my test with flying colours, which is almost always the case, hehehe... (You, thinking: "Man, what a big bragger!" =P) Okay, okay, I won't say much, except wishing all of my friends good luck in their tests, and please don't repeat the same mistake again (they will know what I mean). Okay, I have a project to work on now, so I'm kind of busy thrashing away all the useless information. Sigh, this must be one of the worst projects I ever done...

This 2 weeks is also the Olympics week, and this time, they are holding it in Athens! Too bad I don't see any Bruneians taking part in any event =(...Anyways, have a great week, and take care people!

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12 August 2004
8 Thing Stores Don't Want You To Know

What makes you want to shop for more? Click on the link above to find out why!

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06 August 2004
No More Pokemon!

Maybe you guys are expecting the new blog template to be a Pokemon? Okay, maybe I got sick about Pokemon(very sorry to all the Pokemon fans out there), but let me invite Jim Hawkins, that guy from Disney's treasure Planet. Woo-hoo! Hope you guys like it ^.^. Catch the next blog template next September! Enjoy the blog...

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03 August 2004

Sigh! Why today is so stressful for me? For some reason today, almost all the teachers gave us homework. And then the projects...I haven't started on it yet. Well, I did, but only a bit. And Assessment test will start in 3 weeks time, and I haven't even started studying yet! Ugh! I need help. ARGH!!!! So many pressures, I'm just afraid I will explode!!! Oh well, maybe I should spend less time on computer. That means no more going online!!! Gasp~...but don't worry, I'll be back, I promise ;). Take care, guys!

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