31 October 2004
I Post Again?!

Yep...again. By the request of my fellow people, uh...I mean friends =D. So here am I again, as usual, typing out this thing, as usual. Heeheehee... I would like to say a few words. Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday to Sandra a.k.a Mrs Jay Chou, and to all of you guys and gals, Happy Halloween! Don't forget to go Treat-or-Tricking tonight, grab candies, chocolate etc. and eat, eat, eat!


There, I had made it clear! Okay, march on to The Day After Tomorrow, which is November 2 >.< ... Okay, let's rewind time a little bit to November 1, 2004, which is Nuzul Al-Quran for the Muslims and All Saints Day for Christians. Whoa! Talk about 2 holidays in 1 day. Isn't it cool?! Oh well, I guess that is all. Nothing much happened today, except that I sort of improved on my Front Crawl. Yay! So proud of myself ^.^. Then I had just met my Auntie and Tiah while I was eating Dim-Sum and while going shooping in Yayasan.

Okay, this is a short one, so see you all later. Bye-bye!! ZZZZZZZIIIIIPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! ~

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Time to blog...

Time to blog...Oh well. What should i talk about? Seems ppl are talkin mostly bout exams...so...exams den.

Err, can't say i did REALLY well for the exams, but at least i didn do REALLY bad for it, i think... For me what i got was good enough.. Just hoping that ill get a credit for my Malay... No credit, can say bye bye to myself....lol. Gonna get back Geo as well, try to get high for dat as well...Overall, i think i did okay, considerin i didn actually study really hard for it. Oh well, its over already..so...thats that.

Now...Holiday comes in about what..2 weeks or so? i dono exact date. So..dun bother. Have fun for yer holidays ppl. What else shod i write? What else IS there to write? So...guess i end it here.

Oh yea. Err, whens halloween? Today or yesterday? I dunno. Well, Happy Halloween to everyone out there. Bai bai.

~Signin out~

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30 October 2004

A message to my rival...

Dear Rival, please stop smiling at me! I know you had outdone me and you yourself...

Thats all...On to my posts...

I really am not in the mood to type anything today, but I had already promised my friends that I will blog. So here I am, typing out stuffs I should write. Why am I not in the mood? Well, because of exam results. So are simply marvelous, very very high marks, but some sucks. I think I had deproved slightly, and now my position are really at stake! Help me...

So "cham"! English 1 is very disappointing, teacher say I wrote "out of topic". =( I don't know why, but I'm going to see her first thing is the morning on Tuesday to find out why. For Maths 1 (the paper wasn't given out yet), teacher say I did very, very, very badly, and she thought I was rushing out for Inforama, which ISN'T TRUE AT ALL!!! Hello, let me explain! There wasn't enough time to check my answers! Gah...No use, what is done, is done. Sigh~

I don't know "lah". I did quite badly for this End-of-Year Exams. I really shouldn't have been studying last minute, it really sucks. That technique "did work last year", but not so this year. Sigh~~ Wish me luck next year, hope can do better...

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25 October 2004

Yay! I uploaded a new blog picture, which is about Detective Conan! Whee, isn't he cute?! LOL. And many thanks to you great people who had tagged and visited our site. And about 700 people from around the world had visited this site, isn't it great! And I also changed some titles and wordings in this site in conjunction of the theme Detective Conan. Yahoo! Thanks for coming, take care and God bless!!

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24 October 2004
Horray! Everything's Over! Paradise, Here I Come!!!

Saturday was a really good day for me. I mean like, this was a day where I rarely experienced so many happiness coming into my life. I really thank God for that. So let me start with 4.45 am! Yep, 4.45 am, you heard me right! So I woke up at around that time and was feeling really sleepy. The reason was that partly because I had to take my Maths 1 exam at 6.00 am, and also I wanted to study Maths and Computer for the Inforama. But I don't feel like waking up, and wanted to sleep again. In the end, I managed to study Maths but not Computer...

So, my Mom fetch me to school so early in the morning, it was like 5.50 am? Fortunately, Angelyn was there. then Miss Mary came 10 minutes later, which was very late (although it was still very early in the morning), and sat for our Maths 1 paper. And I thought I couldn't finish the paper because there was like half an hour left and I had another 2 more pages to go. Eventually, I DID finish, and we rushed off to Inforama.

We arrived at RTB at around eight o' clock. We were shown to our seats, but before we even got the chance to sit down and relax, we and our Chung Hwa opponents followed a lady down a winding hallway and finally arrived at...The Make-up Studio! Ugh~ Hate make-ups... I mean, I handsome enough already =P. So they put on foundation, hairspray BUT NO LIPSTICK! Haha, luckily, that was all it and we went back to our seats.

The event started off "successfully" at about 9.00 am, I think(1 hour delay!!!). It started off with, of course, speeches! After the speeches and Muslim prayer, then finally the show started off with the introduction of Quizmistress. While the Level 1 contestants, who were actually primary kids, got up to the stage and got themselves ready, the audience watch the big TV, profiling about what the contestants feel about the competition. After that, the quiz commences and the quizmistress were asking them SUPER-HARD questions meant for secondary students, and which even me also do not know the answer. I mean like, these primary kids aren't geniuses. Oh well, so after they had about to finished, we prepared ourselves mentally AND physically and went backstage. I wished my opponents good luck and after they went down, all of us go on stage, feeling nervous and having butterflies in our stomachs.

We all sat in our respective seats assigned, as we wait for the interview about us to finish on the big TV. And I was there! Can you all see me?! LOL =P. Seriously, they zeroed in to my face so much that my face looked so big! Haha... After that, we were formally introduced to the audience and also, among ourselves. Without further ado, the competition commences and it will decide who will be the reigning champion of Level 2 Inforama between St. Andrew's, Chung Hwa and Maktab Sains.

Round 1 is a round where each contestant from each school needs to answer questions thrice. If the answer is incorrect or unanswered, the question will be opened to the other teans. In that round, our school got a head start =D. 12 points for us, 8 points for Chung Hwa and 6 points for Maktab Sains. Ya-hoo!!! We could win, we could win!

Round 2 was a twist of fate. It was the buzzer round, which is a speed round. I am sure you guys should know what this round is all about. So the quizmistress asked us 15 questions. And before she even got the chance to read out the question, Andrew from Chung Hwa interrupted her and said the answer. OKAY, HOLD ON!!! I thought we has already clarified on Friday that the quizmistress is supposed to finished reading the question before anyone can buzz and say the correct answer. I feel this was a little bit unfair, so therefore I had no choice but to resort to "If you can't beat them, join them" and "Rules are made to be broken". Angelyn and I cannot just sit there and do nothing about it.

The worst thing is that, our buzzers didn't even want to buzz and instead, the electrical current sort of took a detour and instead rang other buzzers! It even happened during Wordplay! We kept pressing it, but it never gave us a chance! So, unfortunately, we scored a big fat 0!!! for that round. Guess what? Chung Hwa scored 20! Maktab Sains scored 4! Big difference! Angelyn and I was like, "Oh no! We're going to lose!" (Well, not exactly lose, but to get 3rd, since it was a GRAND-FINAL quiz =P)

Fortunately, we were placed 2nd, and there was no tie-breaking round with Maktab Sains. We were so happy, even though we didn't get 1st, because we got 2nd mostly due to so many good lucks. We beated Maktab Sains, by 2 marks!!!! Whoa!

So we left the stage and congratulated our opponents from Chung Hwa Andrew Koay and Winnie Sia. Hey, nice meeting you two! And also from Maktab Sains, can't remember your names though. After that, we joined the audience and watched the Level 3 quiz. I am not going to describe it in such detail, because there is really a lot to write. After that, there was a prize-giving ceremony and guess what Angelyn and I received? Hmm...not going to tell you =P. Just wait until Speech Day =P.

Later in the afternoon, I went to Jason Sim's house and played some games. Nothing much to say about the game, except that I had fun. Just wanted to enjoy myself after a very exciting and quite tiring morning.

And that is all what happened on Saturday, which I had described it quite detailed =P. By the way, I try to change the blog picture by Monday or Tuesday, so please keep up for updates. Sorry about the long delay, yea? Hehe... So take care people, and have a great after-exams holiday =D

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23 October 2004
Wheee! Freedom at last!

*Stretches arms* Wheeeee. Finally exam over. Seems like it was a whole month that passed. Didn't post anything for quite a while, n shim here keep begging me to post, so here i am.. Hai, now exam over, got 3 days holiday... Now exam over seems like theres nothing to do anymore. Haha. Oh well. Will be keeping this short, lazy to type so much. Kinda tired, just got back from fren's house. Aiya, lazy to type ah. U all just read shim's post lar. Wheeee....can sleep longer now...ZzzzzZzzz

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22 October 2004
My Pokemon TCG Deck Quiz...

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

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21 October 2004
I'm Back!

Hey guys! Okay, I am not supposed to come online during exams, but for today it is an exception. Its not that I had already mastered all the subjects tested on Saturday, but it's only Maths 1. So, I need to "take a break". Why? Exam stress! That stress could have been minimized by 95%, but, unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstance, I decided to study last minute. I really have no mood to study, because there were really a lot to learn up. I mean, SO MUCH (stretches arm wide)!!!

For the tests, I find them okay, but they're not that easy, nor difficult. But Malay 2, so hard man! I wish I could get credit for it, then I would be happy as i know I can get position. I hope for Geography I can get high marks, as I didn't really study for it =P Hehehe...

Oh well, I guess I need to count on luck itself. This would be a short one because nothing much had happened during exam week. I could tell you things that I had learned but I am too exhausted to do so. So Inforama rehearsal today and tomorrow, and the real day on Saturday. Wish me and Angelyn lots of luck! Because we need it!!! Haha...

Guess that is all. I try to find the time to update the blog picture. Because its 2 months old! Haha... In the meantime, take care and God bless! ^.^

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04 October 2004
Bad day...

Hai~ not a good day today. Where shod i start.. lets see, first period, Mrs Simmonds came in. One of my classmates (I think its better not to mention the name) was forced by mrs simmonds to make a 100 question quiz for the whole class. Whoa, n he actually did it, but he only made 51, i think. He had to quiz the class like how teacher would do it. More or less, in the end, he still got scolded realli badly by teacher. He was even forced to call himself a dumb fool in front of the whole class. Reali kasihan him. We got lectured again by teacher. And thats not all.. Moving on, our form teacher came in, and also gave us a lecture, but it wasnt that bad. Later on after recess, got ANOTHER lecture from out malay teacher. He talked for practically the whole lesson, and we didnt study anythin for malay that day. Well, dats bout all for the day la. Everythin else was normal. Guess this finishes it.

P.S Shim says he wont be able to be coming online or blogging anymore for the time being as the exams are gonna start reali soon.

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02 October 2004
Testin testin

Testing Testing 123. Can see this? Wheee. Sharing websites wif shrimpy here now. Dun know much bout all this website thingis..so...here i am. Now..how do u publish it.. not good at this... Keepin this short..so...nothin else now...

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What a Day!

Okay, so today is a very bad day...for me. What a very good way to spend a Saturday. To start with, I had lost my Computer Book 3 a couple of days ago. And, with the help of a few friends, like Jia Wei and Sufinaz, to name a few, the book was finally found in Jun's bag. Now, the main question is why? I don't know, but the most important thing is that my book is still in one piece, and although it is vandalised by him, but still, at least I found it. Before I took it out, my friends decided to leave it there so that we can catch him red-handed when he came back, so we left it the way it was before.

So when he came back, we confronted him and when he denied, I took out the book from his bag. When I asked him why did he denied, he just gave a lame excuse,"I thought the book was mine." He must be blind and dumb not to see my name on the front cover. I also have smelt a smoky smell emitting from his body. That was before he sprayed perfume onto himself to cover up the smoke. I think he must have smoked in the toilet, that is why he took a long time to ocme back.

On my way home, a minor accident had happened between my driver's car and a salon car. There were no causlaties, thank God. That was my only concern besides the car. No damages to the big blue Pajero, except for the license plate. the "BA" dropped down. Ha-ha. But the salon car never experienced such luck. The back of the began to swell on the left. Fortunately, the driver of the salon car wasn't a boy, if not, there would be a brutal fight. at least they didn't quarrel though, after talking and apologizing to each other, they shook hands. Phew!

Besides that, there was also an accident at home! This happened in/outside the bathroom. While I went out to finsih up some things, the wind sort of slammed the door. That wasn't bad. The bad thing was, the door was lock from inside. Why? Because I forgot to unlock it! How gay is that! -.-" And it took me and my maid to find the key and unlock the door 10 minutes! Sigh~ Good thing the keys can be found, otherwise I be stinking now. Hehe

Now let me invite my best friend, Steven, to join me and my site! You can see that he had posted something before this posts. Yay! Let us welcome him! *applause*

I guess that is all. Now my hand is sore from typing. I really do hope tomorrow is a better day. Oh well, see you soon!

P.S. Steven's profile and mood will come in very soon!

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Read...And Laugh!!!

A forwarded mail from Cheah Wen, many thanks to you!!! A funny story...a must-read.

> >It is the final round of the Miss Universe Pageant> and the 3 finalists,> >Miss USA, Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore are> being asked 3 simple> >questions:> >> >MC: The first question is name me an electrical> appliance starting with> >"L"> >> >Miss USA: Lamp> >Miss Malaysia: Light bulb> >Miss Singapore: LADIO> >> >Judge: No, no, Radio does not start with the letter> "L"> >> >MC: I am going to give you 3 more chances; Now,> name me an animal starting> >with the letter "L"> >> >Miss USA: Lion> >Miss Malaysia: Leopard> >Miss Singapore: LABBIT> >> >Judge: No, no, no!> >> >MC: Your next chance. The name of a famous car that> starts with "L"> >> >Miss USA: Lexus> >Miss Malaysia: Lamborghini> >Miss Singapore: LOLLS-LOYCE> >> >Judge: Oh my God!> >> >MC: I am going to give you one last chance! Name me> a fruit starting with> >the letter "L"> >> >Miss USA: Lemon> >Miss Malaysia: Lychee> >Miss Singapore, with full of confidence, smiles and> says: LIEWLIAN !!> >> >This is not the end of the story, the Judge> consulted the board of judges> >to determine if Miss Singapore should really be> disqualified; and they> >decided that since Miss Singapore was having as> many problems with the> >letter "L", they decided to give her another> chance.> >> >Judge: OK, the final question is name me a human> anatomy starting with the> >letter "L"> >> >Miss USA: Lungs (applause)> >Miss Malaysia: Liver (even more applause)> >Miss Singapore: LAN CHIAU> >> >The Judge fainted..!

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