21 October 2004
I'm Back!

Hey guys! Okay, I am not supposed to come online during exams, but for today it is an exception. Its not that I had already mastered all the subjects tested on Saturday, but it's only Maths 1. So, I need to "take a break". Why? Exam stress! That stress could have been minimized by 95%, but, unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstance, I decided to study last minute. I really have no mood to study, because there were really a lot to learn up. I mean, SO MUCH (stretches arm wide)!!!

For the tests, I find them okay, but they're not that easy, nor difficult. But Malay 2, so hard man! I wish I could get credit for it, then I would be happy as i know I can get position. I hope for Geography I can get high marks, as I didn't really study for it =P Hehehe...

Oh well, I guess I need to count on luck itself. This would be a short one because nothing much had happened during exam week. I could tell you things that I had learned but I am too exhausted to do so. So Inforama rehearsal today and tomorrow, and the real day on Saturday. Wish me and Angelyn lots of luck! Because we need it!!! Haha...

Guess that is all. I try to find the time to update the blog picture. Because its 2 months old! Haha... In the meantime, take care and God bless! ^.^

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