19 October 2005
It's October the 19th!

Wants: **Get 8A1's for PMB, **Get into F4S1, **Beat Jia Jia >=), Play game
Fears: **Bad Results for PMB, Computer Breaks Down, Get Bored

Me: Do you know what day is it today?
You: Today, Form Threes were tested on Maths 2 and Computer.
Me: Bleh~ No!! Although you are...partially right...
You: Then?
Me: Today, at 4pm, we Form Threes have our holidays!
You: Wow! Yay!!!!

Sorry, don't mind the lame conversation up there. I'm just so happy the a week of going through hell is finally over! Wow, all the 3 years work; studied, completed, done. Been there, done that. All that peluh titik. Phew! And now our reward: 2 1/2 months holiday! Wow-wee! Could you ask for more? (Maybe. LOL...)

My plans for this blessed holiday: Play to the power of 1 000 000 000 000. =P. Sigh, it's the only solution to get rid of the stress accumulated last week. Make use of you holiday, by playing. Well, the games I am playing right now are Sims 2, which you know that already, and also I just started playing the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Chee, I have to master all those controls =S. Apalah, can't get into adventure mode yet. I can, but I would be stuck and lost. Better learn the basics first, although they kind of spoil your mood of playing.

Enjoy your holidays until the results are out. In the meantime, have fun! Don't forget to sleep!

P.S. Sorry, Steven! Can't come online in MSN. Reason: look at the time =P

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