30 November 2007
Migration to a new school

Hey guys, I'm sorry if I haven't been blogging for a long long long time. I know I mentioned that I won't be blogging forever in a previous post. You know, I kind of feel bad that I left the responsibility of blogging. And a few of you guys actually want me to resume blogging. It's kind of strange... but okay, might as well give it a shot, right? I guess it doesn't hurt. And I have left you guys in the dark for a long time. Personal reasons. I'm sorry.

I guess I'm back.

Hello, everyone!

In the meantime, I'm too tired to blog properly now. Ugh~

By the way, for those who are curious, here's a preview of IB. Note that my super-thick Maths textbook isn't in the picture. I am also yet to receive some more textbooks and notes, notes, notes!

I'm not doing A-Levels? Why, Shim, why?! I thought you're going to do A-Levels with us! #@$%#^ Yeah, I thought that too, initially. But when some ISB staff came over to SAS to give a briefing about it, I was so intrigued by the course. I wasn't there since I was at LNG, but Kim filled me in. It sounded really interesting compared to A-Levels, when you only do 3 A-Levels, and that's it.

In IB, I get to write an Extended Essay on any topic related to my subjects. And then there's the compulsory CAS which is lucrative for uni applications. Then there's the philosophical Theory of Knowledge class. Last class, we were discussing about the Happiness machine, and the benefits and disadvantages of perpetual happiness; classification and racism. And about the truth. What is truth? Is it just a perception? Is there such a thing as a universal truth? I got a headache from that class, but I find it highly intriguing. I would like to work on my thinking skills. Sure, I think a lot, but I don't do that kind of thinking, lol!

And then, I get to do languages! Woot! I wish I do not need to do Malay again because like everyone else, I'm quite fed up of learning it since kindy! At least Malay is much more interesting now. We're actually studying novels. And the novel we're doing now, Tuan Gatsby (a translated American novel) isn't so bad. It's very different from O Level Malay. It's a relief from learning all those silly tatabahasa, peribahasa (crappiness!) etc. And no more Bahasa Klasik lolol! I think...

We're doing more novels for English too! Wheeee! I finally found a reason to re-read books thoroughly. Yes, people, I don't usually re-read books I have read. :\

And I get to do 2 more of my favourite subjects. Biology and Geography FTW! These are a big headache man, and I have no idea why I am so drawn to these "intensive" subjects since young. It is an enriching experience to advance my knowledge in these subjects. I wouldn't do that normally, but I finally found a reason to do it, i.e. forced to do it. Lol.

Then there's Chemistry. I'll probably need it as I might be doing a Bio-related major next time. Not too sure yet. Surprising, it's more interesting than the O Level Chemistry! But what a headache lah. It's kind of difficult to grasp some concepts (electron energy levels, anyone?), since I hadn't read the first few chapters. Surprisingly, I only have some difficulties in catching up. That's good news I guess.

Don't get me started on Maths! :O I'm only doing it because it's part of IB. That's the downside of IB...

In A-Levels, well, I only get to do 4 to 3 subjects. Which kind of sucks because I kind of enjoy doing a variety of subjects. I'm not too keen on specialisation yet...


As you guys know now, I'm doing the IB at ISB. I'm currently reading HL Biology, HL Chemistry, HL Geography, SL English, SL Malay and SL Maths. Groans! Thank goodness for weekends. Yayy! At least I can relax kaliah.

What do I think of IB for now? Well, it has been a really tiring fortnight. I'm actually lacking sleep. T.T Homework isn't a lot for now, but man, they seem quite stressful leh even so. I'm expected to do some reading on my own time during December. Sigh... There goes my Christmas holidays.

Classes are pretty interesting. The teachers here are really cool! And so are the people! I've met many new and interesting people here. And they are friendlier, more outgoing and more gregarious than SAS-ians. It's a very big change from SAS. About everything. I had culture shock for the first few days as I try to adjust to this mini-America. I finally embraced it, and I enjoyed every moment of it. :)

More to come soon. Please check back soon.

P.S. This is a miracle. Come back tomorrow and you see this GONE FOREVER! MWAHHAHAHA!!!

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16 November 2007
The O's is, the Over

Well after a whole grueling month, I suppose, the G.C.E O-Level Papers have finally come to a close, at least for us Science stream anyways. So, after a long period of being *away*, not that it would make a difference here since this place is hardly updated anyways, it feels nice to finally come online and talk to people again.

So now comes the time where everyone celebrates and stuff, have fun and all. But somehow life is just gonna go back to the way it was. Everything seems like one big routine repeating itself. But don't let me bore you with my philosophical thoughts. What else can you expect from a half-awake man at around 2AM in the morning. Only God knows why I'm still here.

But anyways, schedule for next few weeks seem kinda tight. Gotta head over to the bank and some agents tomorrow to sort out some paperwork and stuff, then at night theres this party over at a classmate's house. Will probably go and see everyone for a last time or so. Then Saturday gotta go school and help out some stuff. Then theres the Econs fair, Speech Day Rehearsal, Speech Day, Prom Night, and the list goes on. Guess I'll at least be occupied throughout the week and not laying around being jobless all the time.

As for what has happened since the last update, its really not much to expect. Monotonous studies, books, the whole shebang. Life basically circulated around these aspects. Though I can't say I'm exactly proud or at the very least satisfied with my performance, what's done is done. Just gotta wait for the results I suppose.

Thinking back, it really is a wonder. The O Levels, the highlight of my whole school life, the one thing which we were put in the school to work towards, the sole purpose why we were put in school, has finally been overcome. It gets you thinking now, where is your life headed? What's gonna happen to you now? So far all my life, the only thing that's ever been a major concern was to just finish school and see what happens. Now, that time is here, and its now. And its really sad, cause I've really got no idea what I want to be or do or study. I don't think its happy-go-lucky, but more towards, I'll do anything that needs to be done. Adapt. Nothings ever the same these days. Well what do I know.

I suppose, that is enough feedback and thoughts from me to last a while, and to make up for the long um, absence. Then again, it still seems rather short when i look at it now, but no matter. Until next time.

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