16 November 2007
The O's is, the Over

Well after a whole grueling month, I suppose, the G.C.E O-Level Papers have finally come to a close, at least for us Science stream anyways. So, after a long period of being *away*, not that it would make a difference here since this place is hardly updated anyways, it feels nice to finally come online and talk to people again.

So now comes the time where everyone celebrates and stuff, have fun and all. But somehow life is just gonna go back to the way it was. Everything seems like one big routine repeating itself. But don't let me bore you with my philosophical thoughts. What else can you expect from a half-awake man at around 2AM in the morning. Only God knows why I'm still here.

But anyways, schedule for next few weeks seem kinda tight. Gotta head over to the bank and some agents tomorrow to sort out some paperwork and stuff, then at night theres this party over at a classmate's house. Will probably go and see everyone for a last time or so. Then Saturday gotta go school and help out some stuff. Then theres the Econs fair, Speech Day Rehearsal, Speech Day, Prom Night, and the list goes on. Guess I'll at least be occupied throughout the week and not laying around being jobless all the time.

As for what has happened since the last update, its really not much to expect. Monotonous studies, books, the whole shebang. Life basically circulated around these aspects. Though I can't say I'm exactly proud or at the very least satisfied with my performance, what's done is done. Just gotta wait for the results I suppose.

Thinking back, it really is a wonder. The O Levels, the highlight of my whole school life, the one thing which we were put in the school to work towards, the sole purpose why we were put in school, has finally been overcome. It gets you thinking now, where is your life headed? What's gonna happen to you now? So far all my life, the only thing that's ever been a major concern was to just finish school and see what happens. Now, that time is here, and its now. And its really sad, cause I've really got no idea what I want to be or do or study. I don't think its happy-go-lucky, but more towards, I'll do anything that needs to be done. Adapt. Nothings ever the same these days. Well what do I know.

I suppose, that is enough feedback and thoughts from me to last a while, and to make up for the long um, absence. Then again, it still seems rather short when i look at it now, but no matter. Until next time.

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