21 November 2005

Yes! I finally managed to get myself to clean my room and do some rearranging in the shelves. I sure did a good job! Now my room is clean, clutter-free, books all put away, and the rearrangement looks great! I'm so happy, I certainly deserve to go to spa and dip myself in a hot tub...Ahhh!

Funny things I encounter while cleaning:

I should be able to sleep more soundly tonight as my room is cleaned, and its more...ummm...nicer to sleep in =P. Although the store room is a different story though. I dumped all my reference books there. Hahahaha...Catch you later, people! =)

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14 November 2005

...to my brother, who scored 4As for his PSR. Horray! Horray! You really gave us a good surprise! You made it to Form 1! Woot! Although you complained everytime when you *study*, we are still happy that you get good results despite all the scoldings you got from me and my family =P. Keep up to good work, and PLEASE AHH!! Don't keep thinking about your girlfriend all the time, and start dreaming about becoming her "hero"! Everytime I hear you say that, I want to belch out =P.

Gee, now I'm really scared about my results...It's going to be out like...2 weeks from now, I think. Eeep! Pray hard for good results! In the meantime, enjoy yourselves...while it lasts!

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Hmmm, been a while since i last blogged... How long has it been..since June, 5 months... not that long right...lol. Anyways, just here to blog for fun, nothing to do atm, and so i'm here. Anyways, holiday so far, kinda err, plain, i guess. Nothing much worth talking about has happened, i think.. Some guy using bittorrent was arrested, so be careful all you bittorrent-ers! You know who you are, lol. I guess thats the only thing worth mentioning. For those of you who don't know what bittorrent is, well, too bad. Lol.

What else...err...gotta type stuff to make up for 5 months of nothingness... Lets see... uhhhh... PMB results.... don't wanna talk about it... but i think its going to be released *soon*. No idea.... Haven't been doing much of anything at home... mainly cause nothing to do -.-" Play games....warcraft...gunz online...ps2...repeat everyday...you get the idea. Only other thing i do besides play is err, watch anime.. Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicles, though i don't think anyone knows what they are.. I always watch anime which no one else watches...at least i think on one else does, thats just me. They're really good, for my taste at least. Guess you can say its a bit of *anime spam*, but what the heck, no one reads this thing anyway.

Hmm, err, is this enough? Who cares, I'm the writer here..lol. That will be all for now. Don't expect another update from me anytime soon. Bug shim for another post, not me. K, talk to you all later, much much later...

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13 November 2005
Just Want to Share...


Well, the morning started off pretty badly. I had my piano lessons as usual, and um...I wasn't well-prepared. So when teacher asked me to play my scales and first exam piece, I was horrified! I haven't touched them like for 3 weeks or more. So when I play, well, you can imagine how bad it sounds. Ugh~ Then she said if I went on like this, I may have to sit for the exam only in 2007. I don't know whether she was kidding me or not. It was more like a warning though. Oh well, I need to practice on them everyday again.

I spent the whole afternoon playing Sims 2 and reading another Sidney Sheldon's book, Bloodline. It's a really neat story. It talks about a girl, whose father had died "unexpectedly", and his family company, Roffe & Sons. The father did not want to sell the company's shares to the public, but the girl's cousins wanted him to do so. And when the girl became the president of Roffe & Sons, they pressured her to sell the stock, but she didn't, and her life was in jeopardy.

The story was good, but the ending...I don't really understand some parts. Hehe...but other than that, its a good read. It was so good, I had to read until 11 at night and continue the next day! Haha...LOL! I did the same as well for another one of his books, Are You Afraid of the Dark?


I woke up, quickly had my breakfast, and continued reading the book. I was happy that I finally finished that book, but was sad because now I do not have anything to read =(. Lol! And I spent the day playing Sims 2 again (whee...)

At night, my family and I went to a birthday dinner. My Mom's collegue was having her birthday at Fratini's, near Yayasan there (I think that was the restaurant's name). When she and her family arrived, my Mom's friend and we stood up and her arrival was greeted by a birthday song, and a birthday cake. She was so 感动 until she cried. That wasn't all. My Mom then asked us to go down to get some "barbequed food". So we all went down, very eager to what happens next. We all knew what was going to happen. It was really exciting.

The birthday woman held her husband's hand, and together with their daughter, they walked down to the parking lot. The husband handed her the keys. She was confused. A few seconds' later she knew what that meant.

She got a new Mazda car for her birthday.

She was so happy that she could neither speak nor laugh. We ushered her to the car. She started up the car, and lit up the lights. And we clapped. She then got out of her new car, and she cried. She was overjoyed. It really was a birthday for her to remember. We then went up and have our dinner, buffet all-you-can-eat style. Everyone then shared jokes and "dirty" jokes. I just listened, and laughed until beh tahan. Haha...

After the dinner, we waited for her to pass by our car. She drove past, and we went home. Now I truly understand why getting a car was an excitement for everyone.


Today is the day renovations on our house began. Not because our house want to fall apart la (Choi!). It's because of bad feng shui, and my parents wanted to add something to avoid that. The stairs near the main door with an empty space in the middle of the house makes the fortune be carried away easily. I think it has got something to do with the rush of Chi. I don't really know much about this feng shui thingy.

Hmm...if only I can enter buy & build modes to renovate the house, like in the Sims 2. It would be so easy! A few clicks here and there and voila! Everything done! Clean, fast and efficient. Why, there's even an undo and redo button to revert back if anything messes up. No noisy hammers, drills, debris to clean blah blah blah.

What am I saying?! That's only a game! >.< But how I wish there's such an option. You waste little money and time. La di da...Anyway, I guess that is all for today's post...It's quite long. Fortunately, I AM bored! Haha. You can never get quite a long one from me for a long time to come.

Adios people, and see you next time ;)

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09 November 2005
The Infamous Mruphy's Law

Ever heard of this law? Click on the link below and you'll be suprised that it actually applies on our everyday life. I guess this is the "way of living". It's quite long, but its sort of funny and true.



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04 November 2005

Well, apologies to all for not poasting for quite some time, partly because Espeed2's down for quite a few days and partly because I have been busy playing! =P Actually, I planned on coming online a few days ago, but I can't due to Espeed problem. According to my Mom's friend, he said that they were carrying out maintenance work or something like that with Espeed. HOPEFULLY it should get BETTER!

Nothing much had happened though. I was busy playing games, games and more games over the fortnight. Quite sad, isn't it?! Anyway, I'm happy that I am about to finish the Wind Waker game! Quite tough la in the last part, and my brother who-knows-it-all keep spoiling the game by giving me hints, tips...ARGH! Hello! You only have to tell me if I ask you, not when I don't need it. *rolls eyes* I better go to gamefaqs.com and check to see how to defeat that stupid big oversized boar!!!

I guess that is all for this post. Oh before I go, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Halloween, All Saints' Day and of course, Selamat Hari Raya!

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