28 March 2008
Its about time

Well now, feels like a while since I've last blogged. Realistically, it HAS been a while, but no matter. For those who are unaware, I am currently no longer in Brunei, but in Melbourne, Australia. Today marks the end of my first term of studies, and I've just returned from my last paper, Physics. College life is rather new I suppose, compared to how life was back then in SAS. Even if its not new, its still very much different. But thats not a bad thing I guess.

So like, studies are so so. Past few weeks had been normal. Lessons and such, normal welfare. Since I'm living alone now, theres plenty to take care of, and new responsibilities arises as such. You've gotta cook and clean and pay rent and etc all on your own now. But you get used to it, eventually. Currently I'm staying at some student hostel called College Square on Lygon Street. Takes about 10-15 mins walk to reach college from here mostly, depending on where your classes are situated. The campus is huge, and it can take you quite some time to get from one end to the other, and your classes are usually situated all over the place.

As for studies, now I'm taking Maths 1, Maths 2 and Physics as my optional subs, which is the common subs people take if they intend to further their studies in Enginnering. As of the moment, I got no idea what I intend to take in Uni, but I'll just go along with these for now. Theres still time to decide what to do when the time comes. Other subs that are compulsory are Literature, English for Academic Purposes, History of Ideas and Drama. Literature is just literature, you learn..literature. English for Academic Purposes is basically Grammar and all that stuff. History of Ideas, you study on all the *ideas* the Westerners came up with in the past and how they came to be, how its used in our daily lives today and so on. Quite interesting really, but its really in depth and you really need to think a lot. Drama is well, everyone knows what drama is (I think). You basically, act and all. This term we had to do a solo mime in front of the class. It was...interesting, to say the least.

Overall everythings been good. The weather is, very, volatile. One day it could be scorching hot, the next, freezing cold. Yesterday was the coldest by far since I've got here, and it was raining as well. Had to walk all the way to my examination hall from my place in the rain. Even with an umbrella, it didn't feel like it was of any use. You still get wet and really cold. You can feel those white puffs of smoke coming out of your mouth when you breathe, which is rather amusing, since you don't see that much where I come from. Too bad it doesn't snow here. Oh well.

Right now I've got around 2 weeks of holidays since its the end of term 1. So I'll have to find something to keep myself occupied as such. Will probably update more sometime soon if I feel like it. Maybe one day I'll upload pictures.. maybe

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