29 August 2007
Temporal Bliss

Well, for those from school who still visit here, and are probably the only ones, they'd all very well know that our tests/exams had just ended, today, or rather, yesterday, considering the time this is posted. The past few weeks had been spent..abruptly, put simply. Never really found the heart to study fully, and theres always something to keep you from it. Well whatever the case, the days of studying is done with, for now at least. Spent the day out with a few friends in the afternoon. The usuals, nothing much. Just thought it'd be nice to update this place once in a while.

In the evening yesterday, there was supposedly some full lunar eclipse that was supposed to be occuring, where the whole moon blocks out the sun or the sun blocks out the sun, something like that. Forgot which one it was. Mom says this only comes once every 11 years in Brunei, according to the radio's broadcast. Was supposed to have a look, but by the time i remembered and realized it, it was all dark already. Well, probably whoever had a look would've enjoyed it or something i suppose.

Nothing special to speak of at the moment. We're given holidays off till next Monday, which means around 4-5 more days to enjoy before the papers start coming back. Thats that. Will try to update this site more if possible. It feels neglected. But for now, time for bed.

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