23 July 2007
Torrential Downpour

Its raining...and thundering..quite heavily it seems. Yet I'm still online right now, not sure why. Most of everyone else is basically off anyway. Maybe its best not to tempt fate too much. Well anyways, its been at least a month since the last post, and it seems this site needs a desperate update. Well things have been rather busy ever since school began. For me, I'm just relieved that I've finally completed the dreaded computer project. Its not that its hard to do, its just hard to keep up with the teacher's expectations and all I suppose. Well at least thats done with.

With that aside, now a whole new string of activities await us in school. Been staying back almost every school day ever since I can remember. Tomorrow, theres a badminton open competition. Hope we(Jyh Jye and I) don't lose in the first round at least, but who knows. We're playing doubles. In a week's time will be the school Mock Oral Exams, 1st of August or something. Shouldn't be too bad i suppose. Then around 2 weeks from then is the Mock Examinations. Man time sure pasts fast; haven't even prepared for anything yet. Better get started soon.

The year seems to go by rather quickly this time around..but maybe its just me. Anyhow, nothing much to update from my personal life. Stuff happens every now and then, but we get by. Been watching a couple of anime series recently; with some still waiting to be watched. Theres, Fate/Stay Night, Black Cat, Full Metal Alchemist and some random others. They're not bad, except for FMA, haven't watched it yet. Still got it on cd. I still like fate stay night better. Its cool, to me anyways. Don't know how I'm going to find time to watch the rest though.

Well thats about it for now I suppose. The rain's getting heavier so I shall end it here before a bad omen strikes my PC. Good day everyone.

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