30 July 2004
Don't re-use plastic bottles!

Many thanks to Victor for forwarding me this information. Please read, guys. Why you shouldn't re-use plastic bottles...

"Many are unaware of poisoning caused by re-using plastic bottles. Some of you may be in the habit of using and re-using your disposable mineral water bottles (e.g. Nestle, Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley, Evian,etc...), keeping them in your car or at work. Not a good idea. It happened in Dubai, when a 12 year old girl died after a long usage (16 months) of SAFA mineral water bottle, as she used to carry the same fancy (painted by herself) bottle to her school daily.

In a nutshell, the plastic (called polyethylene terephthalate or PET) used in these bottles contains a potentially carcinogenic element (something called diethylhydroxylamine or DEHA).  The bottles are safe for one-time use only; if you must keep them longer, it should be or no more than a few days, week max, and keep them away from heat as well. Repeated washing and rinsing can cause the plastic to break down and the carcinogens (cancer-causing chemical agents) can leak into the water that YOU are drinking.

Better to invest in water bottles that are really meant for multiple uses. This is not something we should be scrimping on. Those of you with family - do please advise them, especially children. Please forward this information."

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Click here! Read an article!

Why sleeping is beneficial? Read this article I found on the web, and after reading it, probably you will start to doze off ;)

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Hi, guys! Hello again! Its me, of course. Me again. Ol' me self. I'm so dead bored now, without any life. Then there's a lot of projects to be done, but so far, I haven't done anything yet. Maybe only a bit, but I don't think its enough. And you know what, its so so so so so boring.

Yay, my elder brother just came back to Brunei in like...2 weeks ago?! Hahahaha, I must have forgotten to tell you all that, but it simply slipped out of my mind. And I'm not going to post just to tell you all that my big brother's coming, that would be ultra-lame =\. Hehehehe. Watched I-Robot a few days ago with my 2 brothers and my elder brother's girlfriend, it was nice. I give it 4.5 stars rating!

Okay, now what?! I don't know...I'm just waiting for time to pass by... Tick-tock, tick-tock... Maybe I wrote enough. But I will promise to post in new postings for you guys if anything interesting happens in my life, which is a very rare occurance. LOL. See you all later.

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27 July 2004
MSN Entertainment - Movies: I, Robot

MSN Entertainment - Movies: I, Robot

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24 July 2004

I added a survey link to this website. I would want all of you please please please click on it and do a survey I have created. And also the guestbook, please sign it, because it looks so...empty =P

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22 July 2004

Below is an extract from a forwarded mail that Steven had sent me. Thanks, Steve!

(This has 2 parts: a list and at the end, something to open--enjoy!)
The most destructive habit..............................Worry 
The greatest Joy.......................................Giving
The greatest loss........................Loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work.......................Helping others
The ugliest personality trait.....................Selfishness
The most endangered species.................Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource.......................Our youth
The greatest "shot in the arm"..................Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome.........................Fear

The most effective sleeping pill................Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease....................Excuses
The most powerful force in life..........................Love

The most dangerous pariah..........................A gossiper
The world's most incredible computer................The brain
The worst thing to be without.... .................... Hope

The deadliest weapon...............................The tongue
The two most power-filled words......................."I Can"
The greatest asset......................................Faith

The most worthless emotion..........................Self-pity
The most beautiful attire..............................SMILE!
The most prized possession......................... Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication.............Prayer
The most contagious spirit.........................Enthusiasm
Everyone needs this list to live by...pass it along!!!  

This is one you'll like. Someone put in a lot of effort to compile this.

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20 July 2004
Teacher's Day Theme, Anyone?!

Okay, so it IS a little bit too early for Teacher's Day, but I really really need some suggestions from all of you guys out in the Net. A theme is a subject or topic on which a person writes or speaks, for those who don't know what it means. For example, for our National day theme this year, it was Patriotisme Teras Keteguhan Negara (Patriotism for our Nation, something like that). I already have one suggestion for the Teacher's Day, that is "My teacher. My friend. My Guardian Angel." Okay, so maybe some of the teachers ' aren't ' our friends, ehehehehehe, but it have to do. Hai, why must they set the deadline by tomorrow?!
Hey, people, people! If you got any suggestions about the theme for Teacher's Day, please say it out in the tagboard. Deadline for you guys is...TODAY!!! 7.00 pm sharp! Please help me out, your help is greatly much appreciated. Hehehe. Bye-bye!

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16 July 2004
My lil' bro on TV?!

Oh, hey again! I added some few things to this website, again. So the few things are actually the Guestbook. Well, since no one really like to talk on the tagboard, well, except for a few of my loyal friends, I guess it would be better if I have a guestbook. Lalala, so drop off a few comments/praises/suggestions/criticism/dislikes about my website over here. Don't be shy, guys, you only need to say out a few words! I also had changed to link to my profile from the MSN profile to the Blogger profile. Don't ask me why. And I included a title for every blog that I am going to post starting from now.

Okay, like what the title says, MY LITTLE BROTHER ON TELEVISION?! No, no, it's just impossible. It's just a dream, a nightmare! It's not real!!! It can't be. Last night, I thik, on RTB, the reporter reported the news of HM's Birthday. Okay, nothing nice. And all of a sudden, there were these primary school pupils being interviewed by a reporter. Okay, so they all say "Happy Birthday to the Sultan" and etc. Out of the blue, there was my brother, saying it in a goofy voice, "Happy Birthday.....to Your Majesty." WHAT?! Why must it be him, why not me?! Oh how I wish I wish I wish it was me. Then I'll be so popular my fans adore me. WHY MUST IT BE HIM? ITS SO UNFAIR!!! I wish I was there. Not fair, not fair!

Sigh, from now on, I will always go to the flag-waving ceremony even though it's very boring. I just hope the reporters see me =P. Stardom, here I come!


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12 July 2004


Hi! It's been some time since I last wrote here. First things first. Okay, this blog is getting a little bit "spacey", featuring Jirachi in Saturn! Horray! Jirachi is not really that sharp in the blog, but then, it'll have to do. I did a little bit of retouch to this website, but I do hope that it is a little bit navigational. the site's name is changed from 'mystiblaze@blogspot' to 'I'm Lovin' It! mystiblaze.blogspot.com'. It sounds a bit uhh... I guess you all know what I mean.

Oh, man! I can't believe the Assessment Test is about to begin soon, approximately in 5 -6 weeks' time. even though it seems like a long period of time, but time runs fast!

Wednesday is havoc! I mean like, my mood is ruined by Chua. He keeps making excuses that he did his clean-up duty, which in fact, he didn't. He pissed me off so greatly. So, in the end, Jia Jia wrote a letter to Mrs. Shafee regarding the matter. About Calvin, I don't know. At least he did his very first duty on Saturday. I deal with him sooner or later, I hope I won't forget. But then, I don't feel like scolding anyone.

Then comes Thursday, then friday. So I went for Piano classes on Friday, had Aural; it's kind of easy. Teacher even praised my sense of hearing. You know the part where you had to listen to the music and sing it out again? Yep, that's the part. I ace in it, I think. LOL

Saturday came and went. Wow, what a great day! We had Litfest (Literature Festival) in school. The debate was interesting, and my mind kept shifting from the preposition to the opposition and vice versa. The other featurettes were also quite interesting, and funny. Really funny. I laughed until I ran out of breath. The people around me think that I'm sufferring form some mental disability. They had put on a good show, except for the speech. LOL

Sunday was the day I had my very first swimming lesson. I was all tense and nervous, but then it was fun. The instructors were nice, friendly and had a sense of humour. I ;earnt how to breathe out bubbles, find my feet etc. I can't wait for my next lesson, so nice! =)

Wow, I wrote quite a lot for today. hope you guys are happy and satisfied my this post and the new look of my website. Well, enjoy your day, guys! More to come...

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05 July 2004


It looks like I haven't written anything relating to the incidence that had happened a couple of days ago. Okay, I just summarized the whole thing, I don't want to be descriptive. Okay, 2 or 3 days ago, Miss Jane came to our class. Hoo-boy, it was like a scene where the Sultan visited the fish market. So quiet. Everyone was scared. Everyone knew what will happen next. I wasn't unaware of this as I was sitting in the front. Feeling a bit queer from the sudden quietness, I turned back, and there she was. Walking around the class, inspecting each and everyone of us, as if we had convicted some serious crime. Okay, whatever. At least I didn't talk. So blah blah blah blah blah... Okay, so Jason S's book was behind her, this Karangan book. So this Jason was so scared and terrified that he is going to be in big trouble because he didn't pass up his book. So I followed him to Miss Jane's office. Okay, so all I heard was lecture, lecture, lecture. I promise not to do it again, so and so and so...

Okay back outside, Jason S was wiping his forehead. Phew! That was some nasty lecture. Okay, blah blah blah. Malay period, she came again. Everyone was expecting her, well, almost everyone. So this group of guys behind don't know and talked. Wow, they all were sent into her office, including Jason S. Again. Okay, she inspected everyone's books, to make sure that their work is up to date. Uh-huh. Some didn't do at all. Okay she left the class, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Okay so and so and so had happened, the end.

Okay nothing much had happened. Hai~ I had to go Swimming classes this Sunday. So scared, I think I drown... Help Gurgle, gurgle~!!!

Tune in for more news on this website ;)

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