16 July 2004
My lil' bro on TV?!

Oh, hey again! I added some few things to this website, again. So the few things are actually the Guestbook. Well, since no one really like to talk on the tagboard, well, except for a few of my loyal friends, I guess it would be better if I have a guestbook. Lalala, so drop off a few comments/praises/suggestions/criticism/dislikes about my website over here. Don't be shy, guys, you only need to say out a few words! I also had changed to link to my profile from the MSN profile to the Blogger profile. Don't ask me why. And I included a title for every blog that I am going to post starting from now.

Okay, like what the title says, MY LITTLE BROTHER ON TELEVISION?! No, no, it's just impossible. It's just a dream, a nightmare! It's not real!!! It can't be. Last night, I thik, on RTB, the reporter reported the news of HM's Birthday. Okay, nothing nice. And all of a sudden, there were these primary school pupils being interviewed by a reporter. Okay, so they all say "Happy Birthday to the Sultan" and etc. Out of the blue, there was my brother, saying it in a goofy voice, "Happy Birthday.....to Your Majesty." WHAT?! Why must it be him, why not me?! Oh how I wish I wish I wish it was me. Then I'll be so popular my fans adore me. WHY MUST IT BE HIM? ITS SO UNFAIR!!! I wish I was there. Not fair, not fair!

Sigh, from now on, I will always go to the flag-waving ceremony even though it's very boring. I just hope the reporters see me =P. Stardom, here I come!


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