26 April 2007
The site lives on, ephemerally

After what seems to be a month long of unupdated-ness, its only fair someone comes along and keep this site alive. Well then, lately, as usual, there's frankly nothing much to speak about. That's probably one of the main reasons why no one ever updates here. That, and we're just plain lazy, but thats not the point. So for the few loyal people who actually do still visit here, its good to know, this site will live on, no matter how unfrequent the updates may seem. Though I feel we need a layout change, the masquerade has been here for quite some time. Then again, I don't know nothing about this, so I'll just live with it.

Moving on, life in school has been just, life in school. English class today was rather interesting, and Maths was cruel. Forced to do push ups, but at least I don't suffer alone. Mid term exams are approaching, so I'm supposedly supposed to be studying and revising for it. People say that all the time, doesn't mean they all mean it, let alone do it. Time seems to pass quite quickly these days. Not gonna be long now before the final exam comes along. Perhaps its just me.But until then, its best to just make the best of whatever time is left. Haven't really planned on what I'm gonna do after this year, what courses to take whatsoever. Not even sure whats gonna happen to me yet, but probably gonna fly off to some random place in Australia. We'll see.

Lately, I've been playing badminton more frequent, from time to time. Had another session in school today, just for fun. I guess its all well and good, since it is a sport anyway. Nothing special there. A few days ago, I went along with a friend's car to watch our school team play in the finals against some random sports school. We're supposedly supporters, but the other team had a whole bunch of people supporting them, rather rowdy ones too. Made such a big fuss with each shot their team made. What to do. Our school lost though, but it was still worth the watch. Everyone was good and pro.

Well, I guess that should last for now. Time to go read the newspaper and catch up on some revision. Doubt this would be updated for another few weeks, but just keep checking back for updates anyway! Until then.

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