24 February 2007
23rd Brunei National Day

I saw it on TV! Hahahaha, I remember seeing Kael, Isaac and Julius, I think, during the march past... Yeah...

This year's National Day is, in my opinion, pretty much similar to last year's and I was expecting more grandeur (since it's the 23rd National Day and it falls on 23 February - too bad it was celebrated a day later). I believe the performance just now has sufficed; the Sultan applauded and smiled after the end of every segment. :) Well done, guys! :D

The performances are quite colourful with the standard props of fans and pompoms. Watching them performing gives me a tinge of nostalgia as I remembered how I used to be in that last year together with my fellow schoolmates. This year, they also used another prop of which name I do not know. It's something like long pieces of black, white and yellow cloth. Pretty intriguing...

I was wondering what on earth was that piece of white platform standing in the middle of the field and the performers made full use of it - people were even singing on it while a group of students danced to the music.

Now for the "bad". I couldn't make out what patterns were they trying to conceived. All I saw were waves of colours ebbing to the beat of the music and that's it. I think the patterns were supposed to be abstract but then again, I don't think so. Not with the camera which remained stationery in one corner of the field and the bird's eye view camera only activating after each segment has ended...


At the end of the performance, a balloon popped out from a depression in the white platform and it was not as big as I imagined it would be, LOL! :P

Oh yeah, I spotted a few goof-ups by the performers. The most significant one was that someone actually forgot to bring his own props! :O Hahahaha, and he gave a goofy smile to the camera when he realised he was caught red-handed on national TV!

It's a pretty nice performance, but I hope next year's celebration will be more lively and exciting and of course, even better. :)

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14 February 2007
Spread the Love?~

Well now, its that time again. Every year it comes and goes but does it really matter. Well whatever, only here to blog for a short while, due to the fact that I haven't blogged since..the start of the year? As all might know, today is Valentine's Day. Love is in the air bla bla all that kinda stuff. I'm not gonna bother arguing what valentines really about, so to everyone who celebrated it, may you find what you seek. For those that don't, well, you just don't.

As for myself, the past two months, january has been, free of work, and february has been, well, full of work. Its only been around 2 weeks of school and it feels as though I've been here for months. Well no matter. Life itself has been rather calm as of late, i suppose. Nothing to elaborate there, so for now, enjoy whatevers left of Valentines.

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04 February 2007
Another Birthday Shoutout

It's Steven's birthday today! Sweet 16 again! :) So...


Wow, congratulations for making it to 16! Only two more years, and you'll be driving a car LOL! So I hope you have a great birthday today, and may your year be TEH year! :P

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