14 February 2007
Spread the Love?~

Well now, its that time again. Every year it comes and goes but does it really matter. Well whatever, only here to blog for a short while, due to the fact that I haven't blogged since..the start of the year? As all might know, today is Valentine's Day. Love is in the air bla bla all that kinda stuff. I'm not gonna bother arguing what valentines really about, so to everyone who celebrated it, may you find what you seek. For those that don't, well, you just don't.

As for myself, the past two months, january has been, free of work, and february has been, well, full of work. Its only been around 2 weeks of school and it feels as though I've been here for months. Well no matter. Life itself has been rather calm as of late, i suppose. Nothing to elaborate there, so for now, enjoy whatevers left of Valentines.

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Anonymous stranger whispered at 16 February, 2007 12:55.  

Eh, brother, don't embarrass yourself here lah!

I agree, Valentine's Day is a bit overrated by people. It's scary to see people getting so mushy and lovey-dovey on this one day of the year...=S

Yep, it feels like I have been going to school ever since 17th century, lol! [/exaggeration]

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 16 February, 2007 13:20.  

valentine's is a joke. anyone who takes it seriously should kill themselves.

Blogger Alex whispered at 16 February, 2007 16:07.  

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