24 June 2005


Oh look..


Oh joy..

Time to suffer...

Once again...

Have fun..

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22 June 2005
Nearly End of Holidays...

Bad! Bad! Bad! It is an omen! The end is near!!! Ahhhh!!! We have to go back to school again. No, wait! We are still going to school during the holidays for Science extra-class. Ho-hum~. At least they are interesting though, and one of my favourite subjects as well ;).

Highlights of my holidays:

That's all folks! See, so sad! Have not touched school books yet. The mocks are nearing, I'm not prepared too! Bummer...Got to hit the books later. But, nah, I rather play the Sims 2! That game is so totally cool! Awesome! Addictive too. Eeeee >.<

Anyway people, I put up a new layout. It's featuring the Last Supper, in different stages of its work (I edited it). It was originally drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Reading the Da Vinci Code in last December inspired me to put up this layout (long time, eh?). Just very simply done, I hope you guys "enjoyed" it. I managed to get a nice clock for the site from someone else blog. It's better than last time's.

I'm not often online these few days that often anymore. Partly because I still don't trust my Espeed 2. More because I wanted to play Sims 2! Mua-ahhahah! I created 2 families. Screwed up one though. Kekeke...

I got to go now. I need to do my Malay speech, then play Sims 2. Propably hit the books, if my mood is high enough. Oh man, I'm acting like a Sim now, what the heck! >.<>

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12 June 2005

Holiday? Not for us.. =_=

Extra class....

Oh joy...

At least can sleep...


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11 June 2005

The holidays are finally here!



Hip! Hip! HORRAY!!!




Ah-hah, O yea...Ah-hah, O-yea!

CELEBRATIONS! Teng-teng-teng!








Now what?

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08 June 2005
Such a boring day!

Today is such a boring day! I really don't know how time had passed when it's so BORING! First period, we went to the library. I read a part of Kidnapped!, by Robert L. Stevenson. It was nice, but too bad I could not borrow it out. And I was trying to avoid Hanis and Hafiz at that time, because I told teacher that they did not do duty properly. So troublesome! And I was scared they want to cari pasal with me. They never did. Phew!

After that we had Maths, and we learnt some trigonometry. We did some few sums. After that was P.E. Mr. Richard wasn't there, so it was very boring! Played some games with my friends to try to pass time. After that was M.I.B. Cikgu Wan brought us to the Entrepeneur Fair. I bought Chilli Dog, which I doubt had any chilli in it, as well as a chocolate milkshake. Stayed there until recess, then went back to class. All periods after recess were free, which was cool, but boring! At least it beats having to study in class. Everyone lost their moods to study all of a sudden.

During Commerce, we went back to the fair again (Rejoices!), but I mostly browse around. There wasn't much to buy, and it's not as good as last year's. At least there were some things worth to buy. This year I couldn't spot anyone selling books, nor handicrafts. Most sold food (ergh...) and offered some games.

I thank Steven for belanja-ing me the one dollar ^.^ Well, I guess that's all for this post. In conclusion, I hereby declare that today is the most boring day ever spent!

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05 June 2005
Oh...Its June!

And the first week is over! My gosh...time passes so fast, and I'm still sitting here idly doing nothing. Precious time wasted, I must start doing important things. But before I do that, let me share with you about what happened today.

This morning, I woke up (Duh!) and take family photo with my little brother blowing candles on his birthday cake. Yes, he's throwing a birthday party, complete with a water bouncer! So cool! I want to go play also, but it would be VERY embarrassing =S. By the way, he's birthday is actually tomorrow, 6 June, but he decided to have a party on Sunday. HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY! LOVE YOU LOTS!...not =P. Heehee, but all the best to you anyway (^.^). Anyway, I locked myself in the library and do Commerce homework. And also at the same time, if my brother happens to be upstairs playing CS, and he wanted to get chair from the library, his friends would think I'm very "rajin". HAHAH! I'm so angkat diri.

Anyway, I didn't talk to his friends. I leave them alone, they leave me alone. That's the way I like it. I don't like meeting new people for some weird reason. Anyway, after I had done Commerce, I went online and chatted with Steven.

Then at about 12, I went down and had lunch. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet. My mom ordered catering as well. The food was not bad, except for the mee, made me so full instantly >.<>.<

And at the end, we have a relay! Whee! So fun, BUT EXTREMELY INCREDIBLY VERY TIRING. I sprinted the whole 25m length. My goodness. At first, my team won, and then lost. But who cares! We had fun anyway ^.^

After that, I chatted again, and then ate dinner, which isn't very appetizing. It consisted of microwaved food from this afternoon. Ugh~~ But I ate anyway. Cannot be so choosy la...;)

Okay I guess I have to go now. It's getting late. Bye!

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