22 June 2005
Nearly End of Holidays...

Bad! Bad! Bad! It is an omen! The end is near!!! Ahhhh!!! We have to go back to school again. No, wait! We are still going to school during the holidays for Science extra-class. Ho-hum~. At least they are interesting though, and one of my favourite subjects as well ;).

Highlights of my holidays:

That's all folks! See, so sad! Have not touched school books yet. The mocks are nearing, I'm not prepared too! Bummer...Got to hit the books later. But, nah, I rather play the Sims 2! That game is so totally cool! Awesome! Addictive too. Eeeee >.<

Anyway people, I put up a new layout. It's featuring the Last Supper, in different stages of its work (I edited it). It was originally drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Reading the Da Vinci Code in last December inspired me to put up this layout (long time, eh?). Just very simply done, I hope you guys "enjoyed" it. I managed to get a nice clock for the site from someone else blog. It's better than last time's.

I'm not often online these few days that often anymore. Partly because I still don't trust my Espeed 2. More because I wanted to play Sims 2! Mua-ahhahah! I created 2 families. Screwed up one though. Kekeke...

I got to go now. I need to do my Malay speech, then play Sims 2. Propably hit the books, if my mood is high enough. Oh man, I'm acting like a Sim now, what the heck! >.<>

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