25 January 2005

Hmm...today is kind of an OK day. Let's see. The day started off quite badly, I poured water on my Mom's car, my water bottle is 3/4 empty. Fortunately, I have another extra small bottle, so I just drank it. Then, later at recess, I bought another bottle and ate Nasi Beef as usual =).

During Maths period, we learnt Congruent and Similiar. It was kind of confusing, but I understood the concept. Then, this Jia Jia go and say teacher explained things too slowly. (-.-)" Hey! Confusing leh! Our brain is not as great as yours =P.

Nothing much happened during BM, then go one to recess, then History. Finally we get to learn the Pacific World War 2, I was so looking forward to it =D. Then after that it is Commerce! ARGH!!! Don't want to talk about it...EEeeee! Then we had Science! Dissection of a rat! Cool!!! Poor rat though...=P We got to see Mrs. Simmonds cutting the male rat. Then we got to see its internal organs. So colourful! Not so bloody at all, and I don't think it's that gruesome. Hai~ Most of the guys ahh, complimented on the rat's reproductive organs. Sheesh!!!

I finally got to finish about half of my RK Project. It was hard work man!! I'm going to do the rest of it tomorrow, I think. Hehe...Anyway, I just stop here. Keep on tagging guys ^.^. In the meantime, take care everyone, and have a nice day =)

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24 January 2005

Sorry if I did not posted anything for a fortnight, I was too "busy" in doing my own stuffs. Hehehe;) . Sorry =) . Anyway, so far so peaceful la...Nothing much to say. Mainly posted just to let you guys know that I am still going strong and not fall back dead ;). Haha...I guess that is all in this post. know it's short, I am really lazy to type so much =P. Bye!!!

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14 January 2005
Dear Michael Cheong...

This is a message that is solely for Michael Cheong...

"It seems like you are making some stupid comments at our tagboard, and the 3Y Homework tagboard...eg. at your very last tag, you said 'shim, kesian leh ur tagboard, no pple tag 1...'. HEY!!! I don't know whether you are blind or not, or whether you know what you are trying to do, but there are people who tagged almost everyday, they are me, Steven, Karen, Sheryl, Joel and YOU!! So how can you possibly say that?! Huh???? And how about you talking about your wonderful "pulse rate" at the 3Y Homework Blog. Go consult your doctor, psychiatrist, ANYONE!!!! Please...I beg you, write with sense. Think before you tag. Because sometimes I think your comment is a bit o.O. And this isn't the first time. It's already been a few times. I am SO sick of that. And so are the rest of the taggers. If you continue to keep posting junks in our tagboard, I am so going to block your I.P. Address. I mean it. I dare. I don't have anything against you, but sometimes I think it is a bit too much. I had already blocked one guy who advertised pornography at our tagboards. Don't let yourself be the next one. I'm going to give you a chance. Either write with some sense, simply don't tag at all, or be prepared to face the consequences..."

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13 January 2005
Quite Messy...

Today starts off with me grumbling in bed. Bah...school! Why must the MoE have lessons start off so early in the morning?! Can't they have it at 8.00 am or something? Anyway, I lay on my bed for about 15 minutes after the alarm woke me up. Then, very slowly, I walked out of my room and walked lazily to the toilet, and then later get dressed and went down to have a piece of chocolate cake plus Milo.

At least I brightened when I got to school. So, the day went on as usual. Nothing much happens on the first four periods, except for Maths. Wow, I can't believe Teacher went so fast with the answers, or was I slow? Anyway, I managed to finish everything by recess, then went down and eat Nasi Lemak from the Chinese stall. There was too much chilli, and too little in everything else. Even the drumstick. It's so miniscule. =O

Then went back up to class. Have to climb up flights of stairs. And then started to engage in conversations. While I was busy talking, Jia Hui's toenail bled. They say she got a pedicure or something, and the man/woman attending her sort of cut too deep into her nail. Immediately after that is Science. Whoa! "Cham la" We were punished for coming down so late into the Lab(Hey, it's only 5 minutes!). Our punishment was to climb up back to our class and come down back to the Lab twice. That was tough. Our class is on the 3rd floor!!!

We were supposed to dissect a rat today, but no one brought a rat. Fortunately our teacher didn't scold us, and even better, 3G didn't bring yesterday, and that means we're officially off the hook. Hehe ;)

Last period, History, most of the Malays and Chung Jun are testing teacher's patience. It was horrible. I guess I have to take some legal action. I guess some people never change.

Anyway, I guess that is all that happened in school called SAS. Hehe;) I'll post some more next time. Oh, by the way, don't forget that there is Science extra-class this Saturday, and I'm glad that you changed your mood of the day already Steven =P. Hehe...I guess that is all, in the meantime, take care guys ;)

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07 January 2005

My condolences to those who were and are greatly affected by the tsunamis...

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03 January 2005
Back to School

Yay! I'm promoted to F3Y. Woo-hoo! So high, me and my friends have to climb another flight of stairs. So tiring >.< . Anyway, the day started with an assembly, with the Principal addressing a speech. Okay, then we went back to class, listened to Mrs Shafee's advice, and writing down the timetable etcetera.

The day was okay. Formal introduction by teachers, telling us bout the importance of PMB. Then its time to talk. Hehe...They wanted us to settle down first. Oh well, nothing much to say about the first day of school. It is like any other first days of school. Hehe...

Aiya, become class monitor again...cacat...Oh well, I guess it's nice to be one hehe ;) Oh, by the way, because I am such a "nice guy", I decided to put up the Homework Blog again. But it won't be at this website, though, I don't think I can find a place to fit it in, so I decided to have another website to type out the homework instead =). Click here to check it out(strictly for F3Y people ONLY!)

That's it for today. I will be posting soon. Hehe;). Take care guys, and God bless all.

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01 January 2005
A New Year!! Oh Joy.....

Wow, one year already? That was fast.... And school's just in what, the day after tomorrow? Time to start suffering again... study study, homework homework.... Speaking of homework, shim took the homework spot away.... keep it lar!! Lazy bum....j/k. Seems that shim changed lotsa stuff as well, and some of you may know that those two big birds out there are pokemon.... don't need me to go into detail. Leave your comments on what you think about the new layout. Well, this will be all for now, happy new year people, prepare to work till you drop in pmb for those in form 3 this year.

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Happy New Year 2005!

Happy New Year Everyone! It's time to take out your old 2004 calendar and replace it with a brand-new 2005 calendar! Not only that, I also changed the site's layout. Hehe...finally, a change. A great change, that is. Now it looks so...plain...(-.-)"

I downloaded this from Blogskins.com. I couldn't make myself a layout, since I'm trying to master Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 before doing so. I hope I can finish learning it up by March. But anyways, let's look at the changes that I had made.

First, the title of the site.

CRASH!!!! BANG!!!!!! KRANG!!!!! SHIVER SHIVER...!!!!! !#rhgfj%^**^1!!!!

Oh my gosh! The electric fan!! Ahhh!!! Grandma's home-made plastic flowers!! Oh gosh!! *cleans up the mess* Sorry Mom! Sorry Dad! It sort of fell down by itself...

Alright, let's get back to what I had said before I was so rudely interrupted. Like I was saying, I had changed the title of the site to correspond with the current layout(as always). And I changed the NavBar colour too.

Moved the Counter, Our Moods, Archives, Links, Credits and Tagboard to two separate boxes. They looked cramped, but I can't do much =(. Also changed the signature message that comes after every posts that me and Steven had written. The tagboard colour changed into a colour that matches the layout =). And also a couple of small changes that I don't think I need to mention them all.

And now for those which are removed from the site. The translator. Hardly anyone uses it, and since English is internationalized, there really is no point in putting in translator. So I removed it. Sorry to those who actually use it =). I also removed the dog-headed cursor until I feel like putting in a fancy cursor. Removed the banner too. It's not a very nice one. And the bottom of the site, which formerly writes something about us. Removed that too. I think its getting on the way.

Hey...where's the homework blog?? Its...gone!!! Yes, it is gone. Permanently! It ceased to exist! Mua-hahahahaha!!! There are reasons why I had decided to remove it from the site:

There! I hope I had made it clear about it. But I will remind you all about important projects in my posts. But the rest is all up to you. Sorry guys, but I had to do it.

I hope you guys like the layout, even though it lacks originality(I didn't do it, neither does Steven). I going to stop here. This is a pretty long post. The 1st post of 2005, that is. I hope you guys enjoy your 1st day of 2005, to be exact, January 1st 2005.

Welcome to the year 2005.

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