25 January 2005

Hmm...today is kind of an OK day. Let's see. The day started off quite badly, I poured water on my Mom's car, my water bottle is 3/4 empty. Fortunately, I have another extra small bottle, so I just drank it. Then, later at recess, I bought another bottle and ate Nasi Beef as usual =).

During Maths period, we learnt Congruent and Similiar. It was kind of confusing, but I understood the concept. Then, this Jia Jia go and say teacher explained things too slowly. (-.-)" Hey! Confusing leh! Our brain is not as great as yours =P.

Nothing much happened during BM, then go one to recess, then History. Finally we get to learn the Pacific World War 2, I was so looking forward to it =D. Then after that it is Commerce! ARGH!!! Don't want to talk about it...EEeeee! Then we had Science! Dissection of a rat! Cool!!! Poor rat though...=P We got to see Mrs. Simmonds cutting the male rat. Then we got to see its internal organs. So colourful! Not so bloody at all, and I don't think it's that gruesome. Hai~ Most of the guys ahh, complimented on the rat's reproductive organs. Sheesh!!!

I finally got to finish about half of my RK Project. It was hard work man!! I'm going to do the rest of it tomorrow, I think. Hehe...Anyway, I just stop here. Keep on tagging guys ^.^. In the meantime, take care everyone, and have a nice day =)

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