29 August 2006
Its been a while

So, my five month streak of not blogging and/or posting is finally coming to an end. Last post by me was on...what...23rd March? So yea, anyways, where to begin. Don't really know. I'll just type whatever comes. Today was the end of our second assessment test, though most if any of you reading this should know by now. Whole test overall was rather alright, except for Chemistry which i think i would fail for i did not know how to do just about the whole paper. Enough of that. Lets see, went out after that...went to Gadong...played some games...watched movie...met lots of familiar SAS people. Won't stress on the details, lazy to type. Thats more or less all that happened today, i think.

Anyways, asides from all that, and having not blogged over the past months, its not cause i was away or anything. I still check back here daily(almost) and read tags etc, just that i don't respond in any way at times. Not much has changed over the months. Things do happen, but its been rather calm lately to say the least. With the holidays drawing near, ok not really, we'll still have to return for extra classes, for 4 days. Its just gonna be like normal school hours, so not much difference anyways.

Not gonna type much for now. Hopefully now i will find the interest and mood and time and ability to post more, but shim can cover that and update more often so i shan't. Before i leave, in conjunction with the upcoming Malaysian National Day, here's a site to prove just exactly how *Malaysian* are you, courtesy of Jason Lew for showing me; http://www.allmalaysia.info/merdeka49/quiz.asp Some may have been there already, but yea, enjoy.

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2nd Assessment Test, year 2006 is finally over! Yahoo! Yippidee! Dum-de-dum!




Now what?



Today, I woke up feeling cheerful. Because today is the last day of the test. Heehee! At breakfast, I was unusually abnormal, I made some really crude jokes and my mom was like laughing and making things sound so ... illogical? And on the way to class, I met Steven and so, we walked together up the class while having the pre-exams chat. While walking up the stairs, something happened.

I tripped! =O AGAIN!

It just happened at such a wrong place. It's so embarrassing! I think the whole of 1R was looking at me and probably laughing! Oh my gosh. I am so not patrolling that class again. Later they all will like, "Hey! Isn't he the councillor that tripped at the stairs?"

Then later, I went down to 4S1 and get my mechanical pencil from Sophia. I think she mistakenly took my pen down her class after listening to some chemical explanation. So I took the pencil from her, and merrily went up the class. And it happened!

Flinging my arms, I think my pencil drop down the stairs. At 1R again! Oh man~

Boy, I'm sure glad Esther did not witness both this weird events. If she did, I bet she will laugh out loud really really loud!

The papers today were okay, but the R.K. was kind of brain-draining. Despite it being an open-bible exam. But I'm so glad everything's over now, and I can finally relax and have fun in front of my PC! Byeee!

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27 August 2006
The Daily Brunei Resources: Why Brunei Can't....

The Daily Brunei Resources: Why Brunei Can't....

Man, this blog post is so hilarious, I was laughing like some mad fellow! Click on the link and read!

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25 August 2006
What?! Pluto no longer a planet?


Sigh, gone are the days of remembering that mnemonic. There's one less letter to remember! But, my goodness, it's really shocking to hear that when I first came to know about it a few minutes ago while surfing around the Internet (yes, I know I was supposed to study but...). I knew already that a vote of whether to classify Pluto as a planet or not has taken place, and apparently, majority disagreed, and so it's unclassified as one. Shocking!

Okay, I sound so pedantic. Nevermind =).

Some outgoing links here:
From L.A. Times
From ABC News

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19 August 2006
In "dire" need of help!

It's so frustrating! Tests are about a week's time, and here I am sitting down slacking away in my own PC. I'm not even concentrating on my studies. I find it hard to, no idea why. It's like all of a sudden, I have been "dumbed". Yes, I'm slacking off.

Very badly. And it's so going to hurt me. Procrastination = bad.

Sigh, I have no motivation to study at all. Suddenly, the revision load overwhelms me. And I'm not doing anything at all! And there's so much distraction; TV, computer, books etc. I have my Biology textbook here and it's not even open yet.

I am so totally doomed. I slipping down...fast, and I am having difficulty in getting back up. In other words, I'm struggling. Why do I suddenly feel so lazy? So unmotivated? I don't get it. It's not me at all.

I feel like I am in the doldrums now. I need a pep talk =(. I need something to boost my motivation and make me overcome my procrastination and laziness. This is a really bad omen... and there are still projects that needs to be done.

Oh goodness! =( What's wrong with me?! Why? Why? Why?

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17 August 2006
Another blog entry...

I'm sorry guys for not blogging much these past few days. There isn't much going on with my life now. I guess... Sometimes, on days, I feel like voicing out my inner feelings, thoughts, problems and wanderings out in this blog, but then I do not have the heart to do so. Laziness? Probably, but it's not really that. It's just that some things in my life and my point of views are too secretive and personal to be all strung into words. I'm afraid of the reaction. I'm afraid I'll expose too much, leaving me bare and naked and nothing to cling on. I'm afraid of being laughed at. I'm afraid that I'll be judged and segregated.

Okay, enough about that. Today was a very weird day for me. Seriously, it's all too weird it's like I'm living abnormally. Firstly, I spent about 5 hours during the afternoon and late night doing nothing but reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards. Yea, I finally collected my order from Amazon.com yesterday at the post office. This book is about David, a father and his wive, Norah, who had delivered twins at a clinic during a blizzard. The drama unfolds and revolves around David's decision to give away her daughter Phoebe to Caroline (Wow! I can't believe my classmate's names were in this book!) and asking her to put her in an institution, which the book suggests is a terrible place. Caroline, being kind-hearted, brought her home and raised her instead.

I know, it's really evil of him to do that, but he couldn't bear to raise Phoebe up who was suffering from Down's syndrome and he thought that eventually her daughter will die of some cardio-related disease at a young age. And to avoid upsetting Norah, he told her that she had twins but because he can't bear to tell her the truth due to some "past events that haunted him", he told her that her son was alive but the daughter still born. And so, the whole story revolves around this deception that lasts for a long long time, causing the family so much grievances and difficulties which further complicate problems.

This book is pretty good. I seriously don't remember staying up late until nearly 12 midnight and even brought to school and read when opportunites arise just to finish a damn book. I think the whole of last night and this morning, my life was revolving around the story and I closed both eyes to what was happening around me. And it is a really touching story also. I mean, can you believe that deceptions and lies will lead to even more lies until eventually, everything is so messy and the truth hidden amongst all the labyrinths of tall tales? But the story was wonderfully written as well. I don't know whether this book is sold in Brunei or not, but if you see one, go buy!!!

Okay, end of book review/synopsis, and getting back on blogging. So like I said, my life this morning was heavily revolved around that story, thus I can't conjure one up for you guys about my life! But yea, I remembered a couple of things though.

Today, I spelt born (past tense) as bornED. My goodness, how idiotic one can get when one is engrossed into something! =S Next up was Physics. Man, that was really freaking scary. I was stuttering so fast (so nervous!) I think I made my speech sound unintelligible. And I speak broken English! So proud of myself, not!

Oh yea. And there were a couple of "distractions" that I don't like either. I'm not going to elaborate more. Oh, and thanks guys for your support, especially Kim and Amelia =P.

Moving on to Biology. LOL! I remember Alex's face vaguely, astonished that I managed to grab hold of the "holy marks". Heeheehee. I was so blur and sleepy at that time you know, I was like daydreaming about the story. (I know, pretty sad.) And when teacher was like saying something about offering marks, I perked up immediately. Lol... (too tired to talk about this. So I shall stop here.)

Oh and I fell down during Malay lesson. Verdict: my bag. My bag tripped me. Ho-ho-ho! I was embarrassed; I really wanted to flee outside. Shesssh, talk about being klutzy!

Sigh, I don't feel like trailing on. I don't really feel like blogging anymore. I'm too tired. I just want to seep into my own fantasy world again, where everything is perfect, lovely and sweet. But my bubble was burst a few times, exposing my vulnerable self to harsh and bitter reality. I don't like it. I yearned to run back into my little abode and indulge myself in my fantasies.

Study. Bummer. My revisions done can be considered negligible. It isn't much. Facts are all left scattered and in a mess. I can't absorb them. But I'm glad that I can understand them, it seriously cuts down my workload by half. But I have yet to gain total mastery of the facts...

Man, I have no idea what I'm talking about now. I think I'm drunk. (No I didn't drink. It usually happens when I lack sleep.) Rambling about some useless stuffs. That probably don't affect your lives. Only mine...mine...mine...

Disclaimer: Please, ignore my ramblings. They're just spams. No, I'm just too tired to think straight. Forgive me for the angst of this post.

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09 August 2006

Sheesh, the strong wind howling and the heavy rain that falls on the ground is starting to frighten me. I'm getting more and more paranoid, although Miss Hu (my Geography teacher) said that Brunei is lucky to be located in a typhoon-free zone. It's located at around 4ºN, whereas typhoons only affect those areas that are 5ºN above. Yes, there's nothing to worry about, everything's going to be fine, but I can't help being paranoid. I mean, who knows what might happen with all these global warmings and freaky weathers that are happening around the world, e.g. the heat wave that's affecting America.

Some people say that the heavy rain that's falling now is influenced by the typhoons that's happening in China and the Philippines(?). It could be a convectional rain though, but do they cause sudden strong winds to bellow? I don't know...

And can anyone just tell me what is going on now in Lebanon/Middle East? As I sifted through the Borneo Bulletin, all I can see in the International News is all these key words: Lebanon, Hezbollah, bombings, American soldiers etc. I didn't really bother reading through (not into politics), but I can't help but wonder what is actually going on there now until it's so news-worthy for several days.

No updates on my life though, it's still the same ol' same ol'. So I guess this blog is going to be short. I'll blog more when something comes up, or crosses my mind. Toodles~

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06 August 2006
Starting Afresh!

I really hope that especially for the faint-hearted ones, the masks above don't scare you away...

After a couple of months staring at the same dark dull Sim's layout, I finally felt compelled as well as motivated to create another new one which carries the theme 'Masquerade'. I don't know why though, but somehow those masks look really intriguing and mystical yet menacing/creepy in a way. There's a hidden meaning in that layout picture though, it's really up to your interpretation and imagination!

This layout is also in conjunction with reaching the 200-mark posts milestone, and also for the pleasure of the nearly 5000 different and unique users who stumbled on this site, especially the taggers!

I really am proud of my handiwork, it looks really simple, plain and neat. But I think I had made the masks too fanciful until it looks quite cluttered with words. Never mind, I'm already too tired to make changes again until maybe a long long time. So expect to see this for at least a couple of months. I'm really slow at HTML-ing and 'Photoshopping', it took me about 2-3 days to finish up this one. Yes, I know I suck. =P

Some new features of this layout:-
Comment/tag on this new layout please! Hehehe...

Back to serious blogging. Well, there isn't really much to blog about now, except to tell you all that there's a new layout. By the way, this layout is best seen in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer with resolution 1024x768 pixels. There's a very minor flaw in IE though; the menu icons are a bit out of alignment.



Oh dear, I can't think up of something to say. Writer's block! I apologize! There will be better ones to come soon! So, stay tuned for more from me and Steven (blog more often la you! >=P) !

P.S. By the way, those masks were items that came with the Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff. I bet you guys are groaning and moaning again!

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04 August 2006
It's one of those chilly Friday afternoons again...

It has been drizzling since like one in the afternoon until now, making my room so cold (even though I have turned the air-con off). Oh well, at least this weather has provided the ambience to spend my cool Friday afternoons by blogging. Haha... I apologize as I had not blogged that frequently nowadays, it's just my life at its calmer states and so far, everything's pretty normal (I'm not counting that "one incident" that has captured the attention of many).

My life nowadays can be described as pretty lackadaisical. Sometimes I just wonder how I can be so lax and lazy at times. Anyway, there isn't much that's really worth blogging, except the fact that I go to school and study (as usual) and at home I just wander around the vast cyberspace that the Web offers, visiting blogs, forums, and oh, did I forgot to mention e-shopping, which is the most revolutionised way of doing one's shopping in the comfort of one's home!

Seriously, if only there's no shipping and handling prices included in the invoices and sometimes the exhorbitant prices that they display, I would have shopped till I drop except in this case, e-shopping takes the drop from shop till you drop! (Argh! I must limit the use of flowery phrases and not get sidetracked too much.) So I brought some books off Amazon.com which are the "best-sellers" in the list. I hope they are worth reading!

Oh yes, since practicals are cancelled for the year, I get to stay home more often which means that I get to hug my computer more often! But that's what makes my life so sad and sorrowful. I mean, whoever have heard of teenagers just sit in their chairs in a sluggish posture and just stare at the computer screen/T.V. all the time? And I just wander around web sites aimlessly, quickly dismissing those that do not captivate me, and moving on to those in search of the more better ones (blogs I mean).

Oh right! I just realised that this is the first blog in August 2006. Boy, time sure flies by fast! Too fast to really enjoy life at times. But I guess that itself is a challenge. And Assessment test is nearing too; 3 weeks time we'll be sitting for that. And I can already visualise myself burning the midnight oil juggling the subjects. Till today, I have not broken out of my vicious cycle of procrastination, and to be honest, I have made no attempt to do so. Maybe taking time to prepare beforehand isn't really suited for me. I don't know why, but I need to feel the rush, the urgency, the pressure in order to motivate myself to work, work, work like there is no tomorrow.

I guess just blabbing about that doesn't change things. Hmm, maybe I should get working on my Biology and Geography later, after catching the finale of the Chinese drama series "My Mighty In-Laws". It's a very cool, funny and enriching Singaporean-directed drama. It's awesome! I do seem to have a lot of troubles comprehending the tough Chinese that they are speaking though.

Let me think of what else to say. Oh yes, there will be a new layout for this site soon -- I hope (I worked on the layout picture this afternoon), so guys, keep on the lookout, yeah? Although I must admit the picture itself looks kind of horrendous, creepy, mystifying and "zombified" for some of you guys. I hope that does not turn you off.

Sigh~ Coding the site is hard. Photoshopping the images are even harder, my work pace is really slow (although it's simple, but yea, perfectionism sucks)! Oh well, I think I have done enough blogging for the day, maybe I blog again this coming Sunday (and rant about my swimming again as I noticed)

I catch you guys later!

P.S. Wow! For the first time in a very long time, I managed to blog without smileys, emoticons and what-nots.

P.S.S. Help! My keyboard is a bit screwed up. Some of the symbols are displaced (is that even the correct word)? e.g. When I shift-press the [' "] key, what comes out is @ instead of "! And when I shift-press the [2 @) key, the " appears instead. Can someone help remedify the problem?

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