29 August 2006
Its been a while

So, my five month streak of not blogging and/or posting is finally coming to an end. Last post by me was on...what...23rd March? So yea, anyways, where to begin. Don't really know. I'll just type whatever comes. Today was the end of our second assessment test, though most if any of you reading this should know by now. Whole test overall was rather alright, except for Chemistry which i think i would fail for i did not know how to do just about the whole paper. Enough of that. Lets see, went out after that...went to Gadong...played some games...watched movie...met lots of familiar SAS people. Won't stress on the details, lazy to type. Thats more or less all that happened today, i think.

Anyways, asides from all that, and having not blogged over the past months, its not cause i was away or anything. I still check back here daily(almost) and read tags etc, just that i don't respond in any way at times. Not much has changed over the months. Things do happen, but its been rather calm lately to say the least. With the holidays drawing near, ok not really, we'll still have to return for extra classes, for 4 days. Its just gonna be like normal school hours, so not much difference anyways.

Not gonna type much for now. Hopefully now i will find the interest and mood and time and ability to post more, but shim can cover that and update more often so i shan't. Before i leave, in conjunction with the upcoming Malaysian National Day, here's a site to prove just exactly how *Malaysian* are you, courtesy of Jason Lew for showing me; http://www.allmalaysia.info/merdeka49/quiz.asp Some may have been there already, but yea, enjoy.

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Hey, you blogged! =D I'm so so happy!

I hope you do get credit for your Chemistry =). Don't worry la, you'll do fine. And yes, post more okay!

I look forward to more of your blogs! Later~

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