31 March 2005

Hi! It's been quite some time since I last posted. Aiy...I don't feel really that good these past few days. I'm feeling so grouchy. I slept kind of late(for me) and was forced to wake up early. Yawn~ And these past few days weren't really that good. Makes me feel even worse.

Hmm...I don't really want to go into detail. Very lazy to explain and ummm...I also don't want to recall them anyway. But anyway, yesterday I wasn't in class for about the whole day. I went to Sayyidina Othaman School somewhere in Tutong to take part in the INFORAMA Online Surfing thingy. It was okay la, although some funny things happened.

Nothing much happened today. I felt kind of sleepy in class, especially the 8th period. It seems like as if I lost all of my energy. So tired. Maybe I was hungry... And I shouldn't use the computer too much too.

Hmm...this is just a short post la. Nothing fancy here. Oh by the way, my Mom brought me a new bed ^.^. I'm so happy! Goodbye to my decade-old bed, say hello to the new one. I'm really going to miss my old one so much, it has been very "faithful" to me. Lol... But I guess we need to part already. Oh well. Take care anyway people, and have a nice day.

P.S. This site is already a year old! Thanks to all for coming and tagging here. Haha... By the way, I don't think I have the time to create a layout for April, but I will try la.

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25 March 2005
Homework? Not Done! >=(

Arghhh~ I had too much fun during the holidays. What am I saying? It's not fun, it's so unenjoyable. 10 days nia...how to enjoy properly ohhh? The worse thing is I had not done all of my homework yet, there's still the PMB Computer Project, Malay, Commerce Cash Book =S, and Elocution!

For the leaflets, pamphlets and catalogues that I had collected, they are all USELESS! I only used 5% of the information. They all keep talking about computer desktops and notebooks. I don't need them! All I want is information on computer accessories, not computer systems. Ugh~ >.<. I even went to the retailers' site. One is still under construction, one is good but does not include prices, and two are simply talking about how wonderful the computer system is and blah blah blahs. Aiyerrr...

I don't want to talk about that anymore, it's really tedious. Anyway, about Elocution. I have lack of points. Can anyone help me? *silence* Okay, never mind. Hai~ I haven't prepared yet, and it's like only...4 days?! Oh crap...I'm dead. Guess what? They put me as a "reserve", meaning I may OR may not have to speak. >.<

Sometimes life is harsh. Okay, I better stop here. The more write, the more I stress myself. Good luck with your homework, people.

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22 March 2005

I deleted the last post, by my own request, because everytime when I looked at it, I'll start to get angry again, and I don't really like to recall bad memories, so I deleted it. Lol...

I had just came back from extra-classes. They are okay today, I guess. Nothing much actually happened. Everything went on as usual. Well, except one thing though. Someone, or something, was spraying some smelly stuffs while we were studying. So stinky and poisonous. Can't they do it at other times or something? I sometimes wish that people would be more co-operative.

Bah, I'm going to end this short post. About a week more till school. Oh, what the heck, I came to school just now, and going to tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Oh well. Have fun!

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19 March 2005
Some Pics ^.^

Some pictures taken from my Simcity 4 game =). Click on the individual pictures to see the bigger version.

Kampung-style City...You buy vegetables here. =P

Southern part of my more developed city.

Ahhh!!! I'm watching another boring rerun of Power Rangers. Yawn!

This is the city which is more or less like the development of Bandar...


Nice long freight train passing through the industrialized city. INSET: NASA Space Shuttle...It's at the bottom left-hand corner. Kinda hard to see, because I didn't add any border.

UFO sightings. Scary =O

Pardon me for the stupidity of the statements. It's the only way to describe them...hehe...=P. Good night, people!

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18 March 2005

Holidays had barely started, yet I'm already feeling bored. There isn't anything for me to do. Okay, there are some, but I'm too lazy to start. >.< Eiyyeerr...

Anyway, let me tell you a boring story about what happened today. Starting with 7 a.m.. I woke up, got ready and went to piano classes. Damn, teacher asked me to play an exam piece which I haven't actually work on, but at least she went easy on me =). Then my scales still so cacat >.<. After that, went to Thien Thien Restaurant and ate the chicken rice. Nice, as usual. Then went to Jaya and bought some groceries.

After that, I went back home and reread a few of my old Archie comics. I was so bored, got nothing really better to do, besides laying down on my bed and read =). Then I went for Taekwondo Club, it's so cool, only 7 people! Haha...It's kind of nice not to have such a big crowd. Teacher also went easy on us. Do a couple of stretches and some others. I also saw people's "luggage" near to the Notice Board. I thought I went to the Brunei International Airport instead of St. Andrew's School. Lol...then I realised its for the Youth Camp.

Hmm, so now I'm here typing this postings out again. I'm going to have dinner later, but before that, I need to take a shower. I am really stinking now. Haha! Dare to smell me? =P Gahaha! Alright, that's it for now, so bye-bye!

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17 March 2005
Wheee =)

Horray! It's the start of the 1st term holidays! Celebrations, people =D! Yay...but it's not going to be fun. I had predicted this holiday to be boring and short. I don't even know what to do now, besides listening to some music now. I find myself listening to some these past few days. They seem to...umm...make me a little bit better. Currently, I'm listening to Dido, White Flag. Nice, nice =).

Holidays. I can't even relax =(. I have to prepare my Elocution, which is on March 29. And then have to go for INFORAMA Online Surfing the very next day. Wah! Then Mid-Year Exams are coming soon. Sheesh! I want to go to Hawaii now and have a good, long, relaxing rest before coming back here and study, study until I drop dead. Haha...

Oh, by the way, my Espeed sort of fixed by itself through "natural causes". I'm so happy and overjoyed. But now, I'm bored. Lol. I don't know what to do online. Hai~. Oh well, I need to take a shower now. See you guys later, and have loads of "fun" during the holidays, okay? See you in school during the, ugh~, extra classes.

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16 March 2005

It's so sad, I was so confident of getting one of the Top 10 in Bukit Shahbandar, but alas, I did not. Instead I got Position 29. At least there's "some improvement" from last year, but not much also. Guys, this race is not about speed, it's about having the stamina and the will as well as the urge to go on. But I lack those factors =(.

I'm still happy though. I did try my very best, and I did beat others, like Fathul, and let's not forget the monkey Kae Kwang =D. So happy! =P But I think I tried too hard, and I feel so weak and drained of energy now. I wished that I didn't go. I didn't expect this to happen.

Today also started off quite badly. I had to force myself to wake up early to go to school, but I was still tired. I don't feel like going to school, but I had no other choice. I had a poor breakfast (3 kuih bahulus and 1 cup of hot Milo), and then got P.E. again just now. Luckily, Mr. Richard was being kind and gave us a "free period" to do any sport we want. Being already tired and let's not forget lazy ;), me, Steven and Michael didn't do any sports. Just relax relax only la.

Because I brought my INFORAMA diskette with me, they decided to hold it as a hostage. Then I try to get back the diskette again by chasing after them. Victor and Jason S. joined in also. Did I succeed? Of course...NOT! I finally found the diskette at my desk, I pretended to be surprised, but I knew that one of them put it there before I entered the class. So much for that.

The day went on as usual. Nothing interesting happen, as usual. So now I'm here, waiting for the 1st term holidays to start so that I can relax and regain my energy before school reopens again.

I don't really have the mood to do anything today. I don't know why also, but maybe because of the run? Sigh~ I'm now listening to Canon in D, it's a very nice piece of music, so full of expression, so sweet sounding, so melodious...

Oh, by the way, my Espeed-2 went bonkers. So sucky! Lucky I still have Brunet, otherwise I would cuss and swear the whole day! >.< Can someone help me rectify the problem?! The ADSL lights keep blinking, and I can't go online! Help! =(

Bah, that's that la. Bye guys!

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13 March 2005
Fixed the Problem...Hopefully...

Okay, Steven, I fixed the "who wrote that post" thingy down there. Lol! Sorry =P. Anyway, I also fixed the problem of the site title, I forgot to add the "<" sign in front of the tag. Hmm...and I had also changed the font colour into something that isn't too glaring. It looks okay to me. But if you guys still find it very blinding, please tell me and suggest a colour that I should change. The problem with me is that I'm not very good with complimenting and contrasting colours. So I need your help. Nobody's perfect, I guess. This proves that even a guy like me can also encounter problems ;). Oh man! Look at the time! Damn...I don't think I can finish the computer stuffs =(.

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For some unknown reason, my pc showed my previous post as shim's. Well, it isnt. Its me, the other guy that shares this site. For those who know who i am, good for u. For those who dont, too bad. I dont know if it shows up as shim's on ur pcs as well, but it did for mine, so im just lettin u all know its not him, but me. K. Done another...

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Im still here

Helo, people reading this. As far as i know, its been months since i blogged, partly cause i didn wan to, mainly cause i never bothered to. Im here blogging to let people know im still alive, well, and gonna die wen pmb comes. Seems the boss has changed the layout to some guy killing some fat dragon. Well, ok ok la, not much comments. U all say nice onot la, i jus see. Ok, really lazy to type anymore, so, go first, see u in a few months time. Bye bye.

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Sunday the 13th?!

5.54 am - I'm sleeping peacefully, dreaming about I-don't-know-what.

5.55 am - Alarm clock rings! "Oh no! School again! Aiyerr..." I thought. Then I realised today is Sunday, and I simply forgot to turn off the digital Energizer alarm clock.

5.59 am - I'm nearly asleep.

6.00 am - Alarm clock rings again! I woke up. I got so frustrated I wanted to throw my clock out of the window. (To see time fly! HAHA!) But then my window's tightly shut. Solution: Remove the batteries! Now I can finally get some good sleep. ;)

But then, alas, I woke up half an hour later. Not because of the alarm clock ringing again, but because of some "natural causes". Okay, I laid down in my bed for an hour, then woke up, do the usual stuffs, and come online.

Then, later, my Dad want to bring us to go mountain climbing, near Sheraton Utama. (somewhere near Victor's residence, I think). Oh man! This is really a bad day. So lazy to go. But I went anyway. Well, it was okay I guess. We didn't go all the way though. Lucky =D.

Okay, now I'm back. New layout's already up, but I don't think it's showing YET. So slow man. Aiyerrr...Oh well. Anyway, this time layout's about a knight slaying a dragon. He doesn't look merciless, mean or cruel. He just looks...cartoony o.O . Hehe, like I say, too lazy to create an original work. But I hope, I hope, that a layout can be created by yours truly, me ;), next month in April.

I guess that's that. Take care people, and enjoy your test-free time ;)

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12 March 2005
A Few Words

Okay, I'm kind of inactive even though exams are over. Okay, let's start from...today! Hmmm...the school day starts off with morning assembly with a presentation from 4S2. It was okay, I guess, but I couldn't really grasp the meaning =S. The day went on as usual. Learn some lessons...blah...blah...blah. Okay, on to last period, Commerce. A lot of people got their marks minused, because they either forgot to bring their test papers, or they didn't finish their corrections.

Man, I tell you, I sometimes hate my job. Teacher "forced" me to put minus marks next to those victims. I was like...okay... Can't she punish them or something instead of minusing people's marks? At least give them a chance. Aiya...don't want to say much about it.

Hmm...on to the Science extra class. It was kind of interesting, we dug up the soil, and then Calvin go and put a BIG centipede on the soil (Wow!). Hmm...I can say that it was fun also.

Okay, I guess that's that. See? So uneventful =( . Hmm...today is Saturday, right, right? Alright, I got to go now, see you later!

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07 March 2005
Hi, I'm Back!

Hi guys! Finally freed from tests after like...about a month?! And there wasn't much going on these days, so there isn't much for me to write about. My test results are satisfactory =), although my Maths grades kind of bad =P. But I guess I deserve it though.

Today started off badly. My Mom in a bad mood today, she scolded me for waking up quite late as it was raining. She's afraid that we might get stuck in traffic jam and not be able to get to school on time. But we manage to avoid one. Then, I realised that I had forgotten my specs. She warned me not to forget again, then gave me a few minutes' of silent treatment. Oh well, it's my fault. >.< But she did gave me in school during English period, I guess you guys might have seen her ;).

Talking about English period, before my Mom's arrival (Thank God!), Miss Jane stepped into the classroom and gave us a lecture. I don't want to go into detail, I don't want to remember about it. It's sort of scary. Well, at least it does not matter to me, except for the class cleanliness, for which I am partly responsible for it.

Hmm...nothing much happened after the event. The day went on as usual. Test papers were given out. Then after that, I have to 'jaga' those duty pupils. Gahh!! It sucks. I have to tell Mrs. Shafee about those who didn't do it properly, so sick and tired of hearing, "It's his job, not mine!" and "I've cleaned already!". Grrrr...!!! From now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy. I'll be much more stricter. >=(

Bah, that's all for this post. I try to change the site's layout tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or sometime this week. Hmm...February's a short month too. Hehe...see you later!

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