13 March 2005
Sunday the 13th?!

5.54 am - I'm sleeping peacefully, dreaming about I-don't-know-what.

5.55 am - Alarm clock rings! "Oh no! School again! Aiyerr..." I thought. Then I realised today is Sunday, and I simply forgot to turn off the digital Energizer alarm clock.

5.59 am - I'm nearly asleep.

6.00 am - Alarm clock rings again! I woke up. I got so frustrated I wanted to throw my clock out of the window. (To see time fly! HAHA!) But then my window's tightly shut. Solution: Remove the batteries! Now I can finally get some good sleep. ;)

But then, alas, I woke up half an hour later. Not because of the alarm clock ringing again, but because of some "natural causes". Okay, I laid down in my bed for an hour, then woke up, do the usual stuffs, and come online.

Then, later, my Dad want to bring us to go mountain climbing, near Sheraton Utama. (somewhere near Victor's residence, I think). Oh man! This is really a bad day. So lazy to go. But I went anyway. Well, it was okay I guess. We didn't go all the way though. Lucky =D.

Okay, now I'm back. New layout's already up, but I don't think it's showing YET. So slow man. Aiyerrr...Oh well. Anyway, this time layout's about a knight slaying a dragon. He doesn't look merciless, mean or cruel. He just looks...cartoony o.O . Hehe, like I say, too lazy to create an original work. But I hope, I hope, that a layout can be created by yours truly, me ;), next month in April.

I guess that's that. Take care people, and enjoy your test-free time ;)

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