30 May 2005
Cleaning the Room

Have you EVER cleaned your room? Well, I did, and this is my first time THIS year, not my whole life. Lol. I started cleaning a part yesterday. And today, I arranged the bottom shelf in my room.

Man! I really cannot believe all of MY Pokemon cards at the corner there. I have like...10 decks? Plus "excessive cards"...Total: 1000 +++++ cards =O. Man, I really cannot believe I was a Pokemon freak last year o.O. I have to get rid of some, but I really don't know how. I may encounter problems with selling though, I couldn't find any potential customers.

Then after that, toss away some stuffs from the shelve, and admiring "junk" kept there. Toss books into the store room, and put some aside either for sale or as a present to the rubbish man. I found a toy there, that can be used to blow bubbles. Whee!!! I went out and played just now. I'm so childish. And yuck! How sticky they are. No wonder it was left there alone! Time to toss it away.

Can you imagine the junks in your room, and you without realising it? It's truly amazing, isn't it?

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29 May 2005

Anyone there? Something is wrong with the tagboard, did you all also experience the same thing? If yes, tell me by e-mail, chat, or at school. Okay, nevermind. I want to change the tagboard already, so problematic. Can anyone suggest me one?

I'm really tired to type lar. Nothing interesting had happened, except for the Return of Exams. My marks: not too bad, and not too good either. Happens to be just "satisfying". Ho-hum. I'm bored. Really have nothing to do now. I end here. Sorry if it's too short, no mood to do anything. I'm want to be stationery for a while =

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22 May 2005

Yes! I finally finished with this layout BEFORE the brownout happens! That was like...so close. Anyway, this layout was made for the first time in a long time from scratch, and the first layout I had done myself WITH CSS codings =D. So happy!

Well, I updated the links part, except for Sheryl's, which it sort of slipped out of my mind XD. Couple of funny things here. Like the menu pictures, jumbo size! Fonts, some are jumbo size also =P. And, well, I guess that's practically it la.

The reason for this layout? To celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. I'm not really a Star Wars fan la, I just find Darth Vader to be "cool"! Gosh, I'm talkin like Victor now =S. But whatever. I hope this appeases all Star War fans out there. Lol.

OH GOSH! Look at the time! I'm going to miss Phil of the Future. Eep! It's starting! Got to go now, byeeeee!!! Enjoy the layout, a "Shim" original...ahhaha!!!

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20 May 2005
The beginning and end

The Beginning!

-study and take test

The End!

-finish and go home(repeat for whole examination week)

-End of story-

Oh joy....

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19 May 2005
The End

It's the end...of MID YEAR EXAMS! Hip, Hip, Horray! I'm so happy. I can't believe I had just been through hell. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerated a little bit, but seriously, it's really stressing me out!

I'm like a walking zombie during the exams. (=.=) <-- Like this! Lol... Have been staying up until 10 at night and wake up at around 4.30 to 5 am. Wow! I can't believe it's so damn tiring. Gahh! Cramming is just not my way of studying, but my whole body is infested with L.A.Z.Y. worms, so I deserve it! Luckily, the questions in the exam on whole is not really that difficult, but its not easy either. It could have been made much easier IF I study well before the exams.

Even during exams, I relax and read through my books while I syok sendiri. Haha... Sheesh, I'm not serious in this exam, and I'm not even worried at all, until when the clock struck 8 pm! That's when I study and study until I swear that my head grew by 3 inches! Lol... Should have known there's a lot to learn, so that I could at least start getting serious at least 1 week before the exam, not a day!

Thank God I can manage to do my exams satisfactorily, if I say so myself. Half of my worries are gone. The other half: When the exam papers are returned back to us. Cham la! The next week, I'm going to have heart attack when the teachers give us back our papers! Doi doi~

Enought about exams! There wasn't anything going on these past few weeks. All I could remember is that for about a week, I'm staring at long, boring text and dull pictures. I could recall some things that happened today though. Let's see, I went to school, did MIB and Maths 1, and near to the end of Maths 1, someone's mobile phone rang. It was so hilarious. It started off with the sound of bomb detonating, and then some really funny music played. Everyone was like laughing "uncomfortably", due to stress, maybe? Luckily, the phone was on stage, otherwise it would cause a lot of inconvenience.

The other thing I want to share with you all is that nowadays, I had observed children, especially boys, who swears in every sentence. I was passing by the primary block just now and I heard a plump boy, saying "You are gay!" when he went down the staircase, to someone else, NOT ME OKAY! Lol...I was like "Gasp! So young already know how to swear." So I tsked a bit when I walked past him. The other day, a P4 boy said "You f**ker!" to his friend, maybe. And I was thinking, what had happened to children nowadays? Where had they learnt these words from? It's really sad la to see them talk like that.

Anyway, a new layout will be put up asap. I'm going to work with the codings later, so expect to see them this week. It's about time for this knighty layout to go.

This is all for this post. Be posting more next time. Pray hard tonight and for the rest of the nights that you get good results from MYE, okay? Hehe...Bye!

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