30 May 2005
Cleaning the Room

Have you EVER cleaned your room? Well, I did, and this is my first time THIS year, not my whole life. Lol. I started cleaning a part yesterday. And today, I arranged the bottom shelf in my room.

Man! I really cannot believe all of MY Pokemon cards at the corner there. I have like...10 decks? Plus "excessive cards"...Total: 1000 +++++ cards =O. Man, I really cannot believe I was a Pokemon freak last year o.O. I have to get rid of some, but I really don't know how. I may encounter problems with selling though, I couldn't find any potential customers.

Then after that, toss away some stuffs from the shelve, and admiring "junk" kept there. Toss books into the store room, and put some aside either for sale or as a present to the rubbish man. I found a toy there, that can be used to blow bubbles. Whee!!! I went out and played just now. I'm so childish. And yuck! How sticky they are. No wonder it was left there alone! Time to toss it away.

Can you imagine the junks in your room, and you without realising it? It's truly amazing, isn't it?

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