28 June 2008
Yet Another Weekend II

Forgive me for the lack of originality in the wordings of this post's title, for I am not really bothered and hence place little heed to it. In any case, its been almost a month, close to anyways, since the last post, so here I am, once again.

As you may or may not know(most probably not), second term exam's just finished yesterday, for me anyways, drawing term 2 to a fitful end. Its been a long, long term, and yet, time still seems to just fly by. A few more days and it'll be July, few more months, the next term. Guess its not all that bad. Probably just means the day I get to return home is coming quicker than I'd thought it'd be.

But anyways, theres a two-week break right now for just about everyone in the college, and quite a number are returning to their home-countries and such. I'm not as privileged as them, but oh well, I'll live. Mom's coming over in the second week of July, so thats something to look forward to, I would say. Spent the remaining of yesterday over at a friend's place, until about, 6? (in the morning - exams finished around 3pm) So, you do the math. Its currently winter season now, and though it doesn't snow, it does get dark rather early. When its around 5pm, the skies are pretty much all dark and pitch black by 6. So, less light, not bright. Walking home at 6 in the morning ain't exactly the most pleasurable thing to be doing, but at least its safer compared to walking at around 12-3am, since well, even muggers need sleep. But lets not go there.

Hopefully exams weren't too bad. Did make some mistakes that were just careless in a few papers, but whats done is done. In any case, thats about it from me for now. Look forward to the next update, whenever it may be. Good day.

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