10 February 2008
Sick of Everything

You know what? Sometimes, I just want to say, "Well, fuck it! I just can't give a damn anymore!"

I don't know what to do. I'm in this steep pithole where whenever I try to climb out, I'll slip and fall back to the cold, hard ground.

I need a break. And trying to be this perfect perfectionist bitch is killing me.

Sometimes, I want to say "Whatever" and disappear off this surface of the earth.

I don't even know why I'm talking like this.

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05 February 2008
Life goes on

So like, wow, we are actually still well and alive, but we're just not bothered to update. Yes we know, this site is relatively dead, but perhaps even that itself would be an understatement. I doubt 95% of the people who actually used to visit this site actually come by here anymore. But no matter. I shall attempt to rejuvenate this site with some short notes of my own.

Basically, over the past few months since the last update, life's been rather, normal? Well, ain't much else to expect, having finished my secondary education and all. All that free time during holiday was spent carelessly and inefficiently. But what to do. Sometimes in life you'd never really realize how important or how much something means to you till it whacks you in the face. Sounds rather cliche but who's bothering. Well part of the reason I mentioned that would be cause, after one more day (From this current hour) I would be departing Brunei for good, for at least, until perhaps the next holiday or so. Which means, leaving some things behind, leaving people behind and starting a new life. Guess I knew this day would eventually come, but now that's its here, everything seems kinda fast. Never really felt I'd had the chance to properly bid farewell to everyone, let alone start living by myself. Hopefully once I get there, at least I'll be able to set up a decent internet connection so I can keep in touch with everyone. Will probably update more when I get there.

Oh yes, thanks to everyone who wished me for my birthday yesterday. And to those who actually bothered to get me something, you have my thanks. I shall treasure them and bring them along with me to Melbourne. I'd never really expected to get anything from anyone, so it was a nice surprise. But yes, enough about that. Until next time.

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