25 March 2005
Homework? Not Done! >=(

Arghhh~ I had too much fun during the holidays. What am I saying? It's not fun, it's so unenjoyable. 10 days nia...how to enjoy properly ohhh? The worse thing is I had not done all of my homework yet, there's still the PMB Computer Project, Malay, Commerce Cash Book =S, and Elocution!

For the leaflets, pamphlets and catalogues that I had collected, they are all USELESS! I only used 5% of the information. They all keep talking about computer desktops and notebooks. I don't need them! All I want is information on computer accessories, not computer systems. Ugh~ >.<. I even went to the retailers' site. One is still under construction, one is good but does not include prices, and two are simply talking about how wonderful the computer system is and blah blah blahs. Aiyerrr...

I don't want to talk about that anymore, it's really tedious. Anyway, about Elocution. I have lack of points. Can anyone help me? *silence* Okay, never mind. Hai~ I haven't prepared yet, and it's like only...4 days?! Oh crap...I'm dead. Guess what? They put me as a "reserve", meaning I may OR may not have to speak. >.<

Sometimes life is harsh. Okay, I better stop here. The more write, the more I stress myself. Good luck with your homework, people.

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