07 March 2005
Hi, I'm Back!

Hi guys! Finally freed from tests after like...about a month?! And there wasn't much going on these days, so there isn't much for me to write about. My test results are satisfactory =), although my Maths grades kind of bad =P. But I guess I deserve it though.

Today started off badly. My Mom in a bad mood today, she scolded me for waking up quite late as it was raining. She's afraid that we might get stuck in traffic jam and not be able to get to school on time. But we manage to avoid one. Then, I realised that I had forgotten my specs. She warned me not to forget again, then gave me a few minutes' of silent treatment. Oh well, it's my fault. >.< But she did gave me in school during English period, I guess you guys might have seen her ;).

Talking about English period, before my Mom's arrival (Thank God!), Miss Jane stepped into the classroom and gave us a lecture. I don't want to go into detail, I don't want to remember about it. It's sort of scary. Well, at least it does not matter to me, except for the class cleanliness, for which I am partly responsible for it.

Hmm...nothing much happened after the event. The day went on as usual. Test papers were given out. Then after that, I have to 'jaga' those duty pupils. Gahh!! It sucks. I have to tell Mrs. Shafee about those who didn't do it properly, so sick and tired of hearing, "It's his job, not mine!" and "I've cleaned already!". Grrrr...!!! From now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy. I'll be much more stricter. >=(

Bah, that's all for this post. I try to change the site's layout tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or sometime this week. Hmm...February's a short month too. Hehe...see you later!

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