18 March 2005

Holidays had barely started, yet I'm already feeling bored. There isn't anything for me to do. Okay, there are some, but I'm too lazy to start. >.< Eiyyeerr...

Anyway, let me tell you a boring story about what happened today. Starting with 7 a.m.. I woke up, got ready and went to piano classes. Damn, teacher asked me to play an exam piece which I haven't actually work on, but at least she went easy on me =). Then my scales still so cacat >.<. After that, went to Thien Thien Restaurant and ate the chicken rice. Nice, as usual. Then went to Jaya and bought some groceries.

After that, I went back home and reread a few of my old Archie comics. I was so bored, got nothing really better to do, besides laying down on my bed and read =). Then I went for Taekwondo Club, it's so cool, only 7 people! Haha...It's kind of nice not to have such a big crowd. Teacher also went easy on us. Do a couple of stretches and some others. I also saw people's "luggage" near to the Notice Board. I thought I went to the Brunei International Airport instead of St. Andrew's School. Lol...then I realised its for the Youth Camp.

Hmm, so now I'm here typing this postings out again. I'm going to have dinner later, but before that, I need to take a shower. I am really stinking now. Haha! Dare to smell me? =P Gahaha! Alright, that's it for now, so bye-bye!

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