17 March 2005
Wheee =)

Horray! It's the start of the 1st term holidays! Celebrations, people =D! Yay...but it's not going to be fun. I had predicted this holiday to be boring and short. I don't even know what to do now, besides listening to some music now. I find myself listening to some these past few days. They seem to...umm...make me a little bit better. Currently, I'm listening to Dido, White Flag. Nice, nice =).

Holidays. I can't even relax =(. I have to prepare my Elocution, which is on March 29. And then have to go for INFORAMA Online Surfing the very next day. Wah! Then Mid-Year Exams are coming soon. Sheesh! I want to go to Hawaii now and have a good, long, relaxing rest before coming back here and study, study until I drop dead. Haha...

Oh, by the way, my Espeed sort of fixed by itself through "natural causes". I'm so happy and overjoyed. But now, I'm bored. Lol. I don't know what to do online. Hai~. Oh well, I need to take a shower now. See you guys later, and have loads of "fun" during the holidays, okay? See you in school during the, ugh~, extra classes.

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