12 March 2005
A Few Words

Okay, I'm kind of inactive even though exams are over. Okay, let's start from...today! Hmmm...the school day starts off with morning assembly with a presentation from 4S2. It was okay, I guess, but I couldn't really grasp the meaning =S. The day went on as usual. Learn some lessons...blah...blah...blah. Okay, on to last period, Commerce. A lot of people got their marks minused, because they either forgot to bring their test papers, or they didn't finish their corrections.

Man, I tell you, I sometimes hate my job. Teacher "forced" me to put minus marks next to those victims. I was like...okay... Can't she punish them or something instead of minusing people's marks? At least give them a chance. Aiya...don't want to say much about it.

Hmm...on to the Science extra class. It was kind of interesting, we dug up the soil, and then Calvin go and put a BIG centipede on the soil (Wow!). Hmm...I can say that it was fun also.

Okay, I guess that's that. See? So uneventful =( . Hmm...today is Saturday, right, right? Alright, I got to go now, see you later!

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