16 March 2005

It's so sad, I was so confident of getting one of the Top 10 in Bukit Shahbandar, but alas, I did not. Instead I got Position 29. At least there's "some improvement" from last year, but not much also. Guys, this race is not about speed, it's about having the stamina and the will as well as the urge to go on. But I lack those factors =(.

I'm still happy though. I did try my very best, and I did beat others, like Fathul, and let's not forget the monkey Kae Kwang =D. So happy! =P But I think I tried too hard, and I feel so weak and drained of energy now. I wished that I didn't go. I didn't expect this to happen.

Today also started off quite badly. I had to force myself to wake up early to go to school, but I was still tired. I don't feel like going to school, but I had no other choice. I had a poor breakfast (3 kuih bahulus and 1 cup of hot Milo), and then got P.E. again just now. Luckily, Mr. Richard was being kind and gave us a "free period" to do any sport we want. Being already tired and let's not forget lazy ;), me, Steven and Michael didn't do any sports. Just relax relax only la.

Because I brought my INFORAMA diskette with me, they decided to hold it as a hostage. Then I try to get back the diskette again by chasing after them. Victor and Jason S. joined in also. Did I succeed? Of course...NOT! I finally found the diskette at my desk, I pretended to be surprised, but I knew that one of them put it there before I entered the class. So much for that.

The day went on as usual. Nothing interesting happen, as usual. So now I'm here, waiting for the 1st term holidays to start so that I can relax and regain my energy before school reopens again.

I don't really have the mood to do anything today. I don't know why also, but maybe because of the run? Sigh~ I'm now listening to Canon in D, it's a very nice piece of music, so full of expression, so sweet sounding, so melodious...

Oh, by the way, my Espeed-2 went bonkers. So sucky! Lucky I still have Brunet, otherwise I would cuss and swear the whole day! >.< Can someone help me rectify the problem?! The ADSL lights keep blinking, and I can't go online! Help! =(

Bah, that's that la. Bye guys!

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