04 August 2006
It's one of those chilly Friday afternoons again...

It has been drizzling since like one in the afternoon until now, making my room so cold (even though I have turned the air-con off). Oh well, at least this weather has provided the ambience to spend my cool Friday afternoons by blogging. Haha... I apologize as I had not blogged that frequently nowadays, it's just my life at its calmer states and so far, everything's pretty normal (I'm not counting that "one incident" that has captured the attention of many).

My life nowadays can be described as pretty lackadaisical. Sometimes I just wonder how I can be so lax and lazy at times. Anyway, there isn't much that's really worth blogging, except the fact that I go to school and study (as usual) and at home I just wander around the vast cyberspace that the Web offers, visiting blogs, forums, and oh, did I forgot to mention e-shopping, which is the most revolutionised way of doing one's shopping in the comfort of one's home!

Seriously, if only there's no shipping and handling prices included in the invoices and sometimes the exhorbitant prices that they display, I would have shopped till I drop except in this case, e-shopping takes the drop from shop till you drop! (Argh! I must limit the use of flowery phrases and not get sidetracked too much.) So I brought some books off Amazon.com which are the "best-sellers" in the list. I hope they are worth reading!

Oh yes, since practicals are cancelled for the year, I get to stay home more often which means that I get to hug my computer more often! But that's what makes my life so sad and sorrowful. I mean, whoever have heard of teenagers just sit in their chairs in a sluggish posture and just stare at the computer screen/T.V. all the time? And I just wander around web sites aimlessly, quickly dismissing those that do not captivate me, and moving on to those in search of the more better ones (blogs I mean).

Oh right! I just realised that this is the first blog in August 2006. Boy, time sure flies by fast! Too fast to really enjoy life at times. But I guess that itself is a challenge. And Assessment test is nearing too; 3 weeks time we'll be sitting for that. And I can already visualise myself burning the midnight oil juggling the subjects. Till today, I have not broken out of my vicious cycle of procrastination, and to be honest, I have made no attempt to do so. Maybe taking time to prepare beforehand isn't really suited for me. I don't know why, but I need to feel the rush, the urgency, the pressure in order to motivate myself to work, work, work like there is no tomorrow.

I guess just blabbing about that doesn't change things. Hmm, maybe I should get working on my Biology and Geography later, after catching the finale of the Chinese drama series "My Mighty In-Laws". It's a very cool, funny and enriching Singaporean-directed drama. It's awesome! I do seem to have a lot of troubles comprehending the tough Chinese that they are speaking though.

Let me think of what else to say. Oh yes, there will be a new layout for this site soon -- I hope (I worked on the layout picture this afternoon), so guys, keep on the lookout, yeah? Although I must admit the picture itself looks kind of horrendous, creepy, mystifying and "zombified" for some of you guys. I hope that does not turn you off.

Sigh~ Coding the site is hard. Photoshopping the images are even harder, my work pace is really slow (although it's simple, but yea, perfectionism sucks)! Oh well, I think I have done enough blogging for the day, maybe I blog again this coming Sunday (and rant about my swimming again as I noticed)

I catch you guys later!

P.S. Wow! For the first time in a very long time, I managed to blog without smileys, emoticons and what-nots.

P.S.S. Help! My keyboard is a bit screwed up. Some of the symbols are displaced (is that even the correct word)? e.g. When I shift-press the [' "] key, what comes out is @ instead of "! And when I shift-press the [2 @) key, the " appears instead. Can someone help remedify the problem?

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