29 August 2006

2nd Assessment Test, year 2006 is finally over! Yahoo! Yippidee! Dum-de-dum!




Now what?



Today, I woke up feeling cheerful. Because today is the last day of the test. Heehee! At breakfast, I was unusually abnormal, I made some really crude jokes and my mom was like laughing and making things sound so ... illogical? And on the way to class, I met Steven and so, we walked together up the class while having the pre-exams chat. While walking up the stairs, something happened.

I tripped! =O AGAIN!

It just happened at such a wrong place. It's so embarrassing! I think the whole of 1R was looking at me and probably laughing! Oh my gosh. I am so not patrolling that class again. Later they all will like, "Hey! Isn't he the councillor that tripped at the stairs?"

Then later, I went down to 4S1 and get my mechanical pencil from Sophia. I think she mistakenly took my pen down her class after listening to some chemical explanation. So I took the pencil from her, and merrily went up the class. And it happened!

Flinging my arms, I think my pencil drop down the stairs. At 1R again! Oh man~

Boy, I'm sure glad Esther did not witness both this weird events. If she did, I bet she will laugh out loud really really loud!

The papers today were okay, but the R.K. was kind of brain-draining. Despite it being an open-bible exam. But I'm so glad everything's over now, and I can finally relax and have fun in front of my PC! Byeee!

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