19 August 2006
In "dire" need of help!

It's so frustrating! Tests are about a week's time, and here I am sitting down slacking away in my own PC. I'm not even concentrating on my studies. I find it hard to, no idea why. It's like all of a sudden, I have been "dumbed". Yes, I'm slacking off.

Very badly. And it's so going to hurt me. Procrastination = bad.

Sigh, I have no motivation to study at all. Suddenly, the revision load overwhelms me. And I'm not doing anything at all! And there's so much distraction; TV, computer, books etc. I have my Biology textbook here and it's not even open yet.

I am so totally doomed. I slipping down...fast, and I am having difficulty in getting back up. In other words, I'm struggling. Why do I suddenly feel so lazy? So unmotivated? I don't get it. It's not me at all.

I feel like I am in the doldrums now. I need a pep talk =(. I need something to boost my motivation and make me overcome my procrastination and laziness. This is a really bad omen... and there are still projects that needs to be done.

Oh goodness! =( What's wrong with me?! Why? Why? Why?

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I ask myself the same thing too...=(

Blogger aLySsa whispered at 21 August, 2006 18:59.  


Blogger freshrimp whispered at 22 August, 2006 15:15.  

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