09 August 2006

Sheesh, the strong wind howling and the heavy rain that falls on the ground is starting to frighten me. I'm getting more and more paranoid, although Miss Hu (my Geography teacher) said that Brunei is lucky to be located in a typhoon-free zone. It's located at around 4ºN, whereas typhoons only affect those areas that are 5ºN above. Yes, there's nothing to worry about, everything's going to be fine, but I can't help being paranoid. I mean, who knows what might happen with all these global warmings and freaky weathers that are happening around the world, e.g. the heat wave that's affecting America.

Some people say that the heavy rain that's falling now is influenced by the typhoons that's happening in China and the Philippines(?). It could be a convectional rain though, but do they cause sudden strong winds to bellow? I don't know...

And can anyone just tell me what is going on now in Lebanon/Middle East? As I sifted through the Borneo Bulletin, all I can see in the International News is all these key words: Lebanon, Hezbollah, bombings, American soldiers etc. I didn't really bother reading through (not into politics), but I can't help but wonder what is actually going on there now until it's so news-worthy for several days.

No updates on my life though, it's still the same ol' same ol'. So I guess this blog is going to be short. I'll blog more when something comes up, or crosses my mind. Toodles~

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