03 January 2005
Back to School

Yay! I'm promoted to F3Y. Woo-hoo! So high, me and my friends have to climb another flight of stairs. So tiring >.< . Anyway, the day started with an assembly, with the Principal addressing a speech. Okay, then we went back to class, listened to Mrs Shafee's advice, and writing down the timetable etcetera.

The day was okay. Formal introduction by teachers, telling us bout the importance of PMB. Then its time to talk. Hehe...They wanted us to settle down first. Oh well, nothing much to say about the first day of school. It is like any other first days of school. Hehe...

Aiya, become class monitor again...cacat...Oh well, I guess it's nice to be one hehe ;) Oh, by the way, because I am such a "nice guy", I decided to put up the Homework Blog again. But it won't be at this website, though, I don't think I can find a place to fit it in, so I decided to have another website to type out the homework instead =). Click here to check it out(strictly for F3Y people ONLY!)

That's it for today. I will be posting soon. Hehe;). Take care guys, and God bless all.

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