13 January 2005
Quite Messy...

Today starts off with me grumbling in bed. Bah...school! Why must the MoE have lessons start off so early in the morning?! Can't they have it at 8.00 am or something? Anyway, I lay on my bed for about 15 minutes after the alarm woke me up. Then, very slowly, I walked out of my room and walked lazily to the toilet, and then later get dressed and went down to have a piece of chocolate cake plus Milo.

At least I brightened when I got to school. So, the day went on as usual. Nothing much happens on the first four periods, except for Maths. Wow, I can't believe Teacher went so fast with the answers, or was I slow? Anyway, I managed to finish everything by recess, then went down and eat Nasi Lemak from the Chinese stall. There was too much chilli, and too little in everything else. Even the drumstick. It's so miniscule. =O

Then went back up to class. Have to climb up flights of stairs. And then started to engage in conversations. While I was busy talking, Jia Hui's toenail bled. They say she got a pedicure or something, and the man/woman attending her sort of cut too deep into her nail. Immediately after that is Science. Whoa! "Cham la" We were punished for coming down so late into the Lab(Hey, it's only 5 minutes!). Our punishment was to climb up back to our class and come down back to the Lab twice. That was tough. Our class is on the 3rd floor!!!

We were supposed to dissect a rat today, but no one brought a rat. Fortunately our teacher didn't scold us, and even better, 3G didn't bring yesterday, and that means we're officially off the hook. Hehe ;)

Last period, History, most of the Malays and Chung Jun are testing teacher's patience. It was horrible. I guess I have to take some legal action. I guess some people never change.

Anyway, I guess that is all that happened in school called SAS. Hehe;) I'll post some more next time. Oh, by the way, don't forget that there is Science extra-class this Saturday, and I'm glad that you changed your mood of the day already Steven =P. Hehe...I guess that is all, in the meantime, take care guys ;)

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