01 January 2005
Happy New Year 2005!

Happy New Year Everyone! It's time to take out your old 2004 calendar and replace it with a brand-new 2005 calendar! Not only that, I also changed the site's layout. Hehe...finally, a change. A great change, that is. Now it looks so...plain...(-.-)"

I downloaded this from Blogskins.com. I couldn't make myself a layout, since I'm trying to master Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 before doing so. I hope I can finish learning it up by March. But anyways, let's look at the changes that I had made.

First, the title of the site.

CRASH!!!! BANG!!!!!! KRANG!!!!! SHIVER SHIVER...!!!!! !#rhgfj%^**^1!!!!

Oh my gosh! The electric fan!! Ahhh!!! Grandma's home-made plastic flowers!! Oh gosh!! *cleans up the mess* Sorry Mom! Sorry Dad! It sort of fell down by itself...

Alright, let's get back to what I had said before I was so rudely interrupted. Like I was saying, I had changed the title of the site to correspond with the current layout(as always). And I changed the NavBar colour too.

Moved the Counter, Our Moods, Archives, Links, Credits and Tagboard to two separate boxes. They looked cramped, but I can't do much =(. Also changed the signature message that comes after every posts that me and Steven had written. The tagboard colour changed into a colour that matches the layout =). And also a couple of small changes that I don't think I need to mention them all.

And now for those which are removed from the site. The translator. Hardly anyone uses it, and since English is internationalized, there really is no point in putting in translator. So I removed it. Sorry to those who actually use it =). I also removed the dog-headed cursor until I feel like putting in a fancy cursor. Removed the banner too. It's not a very nice one. And the bottom of the site, which formerly writes something about us. Removed that too. I think its getting on the way.

Hey...where's the homework blog?? Its...gone!!! Yes, it is gone. Permanently! It ceased to exist! Mua-hahahahaha!!! There are reasons why I had decided to remove it from the site:

There! I hope I had made it clear about it. But I will remind you all about important projects in my posts. But the rest is all up to you. Sorry guys, but I had to do it.

I hope you guys like the layout, even though it lacks originality(I didn't do it, neither does Steven). I going to stop here. This is a pretty long post. The 1st post of 2005, that is. I hope you guys enjoy your 1st day of 2005, to be exact, January 1st 2005.

Welcome to the year 2005.

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