20 July 2004
Teacher's Day Theme, Anyone?!

Okay, so it IS a little bit too early for Teacher's Day, but I really really need some suggestions from all of you guys out in the Net. A theme is a subject or topic on which a person writes or speaks, for those who don't know what it means. For example, for our National day theme this year, it was Patriotisme Teras Keteguhan Negara (Patriotism for our Nation, something like that). I already have one suggestion for the Teacher's Day, that is "My teacher. My friend. My Guardian Angel." Okay, so maybe some of the teachers ' aren't ' our friends, ehehehehehe, but it have to do. Hai, why must they set the deadline by tomorrow?!
Hey, people, people! If you got any suggestions about the theme for Teacher's Day, please say it out in the tagboard. Deadline for you guys is...TODAY!!! 7.00 pm sharp! Please help me out, your help is greatly much appreciated. Hehehe. Bye-bye!

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