30 July 2004

Hi, guys! Hello again! Its me, of course. Me again. Ol' me self. I'm so dead bored now, without any life. Then there's a lot of projects to be done, but so far, I haven't done anything yet. Maybe only a bit, but I don't think its enough. And you know what, its so so so so so boring.

Yay, my elder brother just came back to Brunei in like...2 weeks ago?! Hahahaha, I must have forgotten to tell you all that, but it simply slipped out of my mind. And I'm not going to post just to tell you all that my big brother's coming, that would be ultra-lame =\. Hehehehe. Watched I-Robot a few days ago with my 2 brothers and my elder brother's girlfriend, it was nice. I give it 4.5 stars rating!

Okay, now what?! I don't know...I'm just waiting for time to pass by... Tick-tock, tick-tock... Maybe I wrote enough. But I will promise to post in new postings for you guys if anything interesting happens in my life, which is a very rare occurance. LOL. See you all later.

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