04 November 2005

Well, apologies to all for not poasting for quite some time, partly because Espeed2's down for quite a few days and partly because I have been busy playing! =P Actually, I planned on coming online a few days ago, but I can't due to Espeed problem. According to my Mom's friend, he said that they were carrying out maintenance work or something like that with Espeed. HOPEFULLY it should get BETTER!

Nothing much had happened though. I was busy playing games, games and more games over the fortnight. Quite sad, isn't it?! Anyway, I'm happy that I am about to finish the Wind Waker game! Quite tough la in the last part, and my brother who-knows-it-all keep spoiling the game by giving me hints, tips...ARGH! Hello! You only have to tell me if I ask you, not when I don't need it. *rolls eyes* I better go to gamefaqs.com and check to see how to defeat that stupid big oversized boar!!!

I guess that is all for this post. Oh before I go, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Halloween, All Saints' Day and of course, Selamat Hari Raya!

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