14 November 2005

Hmmm, been a while since i last blogged... How long has it been..since June, 5 months... not that long right...lol. Anyways, just here to blog for fun, nothing to do atm, and so i'm here. Anyways, holiday so far, kinda err, plain, i guess. Nothing much worth talking about has happened, i think.. Some guy using bittorrent was arrested, so be careful all you bittorrent-ers! You know who you are, lol. I guess thats the only thing worth mentioning. For those of you who don't know what bittorrent is, well, too bad. Lol.

What else...err...gotta type stuff to make up for 5 months of nothingness... Lets see... uhhhh... PMB results.... don't wanna talk about it... but i think its going to be released *soon*. No idea.... Haven't been doing much of anything at home... mainly cause nothing to do -.-" Play games....warcraft...gunz online...ps2...repeat everyday...you get the idea. Only other thing i do besides play is err, watch anime.. Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicles, though i don't think anyone knows what they are.. I always watch anime which no one else watches...at least i think on one else does, thats just me. They're really good, for my taste at least. Guess you can say its a bit of *anime spam*, but what the heck, no one reads this thing anyway.

Hmm, err, is this enough? Who cares, I'm the writer here..lol. That will be all for now. Don't expect another update from me anytime soon. Bug shim for another post, not me. K, talk to you all later, much much later...

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