02 October 2004
What a Day!

Okay, so today is a very bad day...for me. What a very good way to spend a Saturday. To start with, I had lost my Computer Book 3 a couple of days ago. And, with the help of a few friends, like Jia Wei and Sufinaz, to name a few, the book was finally found in Jun's bag. Now, the main question is why? I don't know, but the most important thing is that my book is still in one piece, and although it is vandalised by him, but still, at least I found it. Before I took it out, my friends decided to leave it there so that we can catch him red-handed when he came back, so we left it the way it was before.

So when he came back, we confronted him and when he denied, I took out the book from his bag. When I asked him why did he denied, he just gave a lame excuse,"I thought the book was mine." He must be blind and dumb not to see my name on the front cover. I also have smelt a smoky smell emitting from his body. That was before he sprayed perfume onto himself to cover up the smoke. I think he must have smoked in the toilet, that is why he took a long time to ocme back.

On my way home, a minor accident had happened between my driver's car and a salon car. There were no causlaties, thank God. That was my only concern besides the car. No damages to the big blue Pajero, except for the license plate. the "BA" dropped down. Ha-ha. But the salon car never experienced such luck. The back of the began to swell on the left. Fortunately, the driver of the salon car wasn't a boy, if not, there would be a brutal fight. at least they didn't quarrel though, after talking and apologizing to each other, they shook hands. Phew!

Besides that, there was also an accident at home! This happened in/outside the bathroom. While I went out to finsih up some things, the wind sort of slammed the door. That wasn't bad. The bad thing was, the door was lock from inside. Why? Because I forgot to unlock it! How gay is that! -.-" And it took me and my maid to find the key and unlock the door 10 minutes! Sigh~ Good thing the keys can be found, otherwise I be stinking now. Hehe

Now let me invite my best friend, Steven, to join me and my site! You can see that he had posted something before this posts. Yay! Let us welcome him! *applause*

I guess that is all. Now my hand is sore from typing. I really do hope tomorrow is a better day. Oh well, see you soon!

P.S. Steven's profile and mood will come in very soon!

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