04 October 2004
Bad day...

Hai~ not a good day today. Where shod i start.. lets see, first period, Mrs Simmonds came in. One of my classmates (I think its better not to mention the name) was forced by mrs simmonds to make a 100 question quiz for the whole class. Whoa, n he actually did it, but he only made 51, i think. He had to quiz the class like how teacher would do it. More or less, in the end, he still got scolded realli badly by teacher. He was even forced to call himself a dumb fool in front of the whole class. Reali kasihan him. We got lectured again by teacher. And thats not all.. Moving on, our form teacher came in, and also gave us a lecture, but it wasnt that bad. Later on after recess, got ANOTHER lecture from out malay teacher. He talked for practically the whole lesson, and we didnt study anythin for malay that day. Well, dats bout all for the day la. Everythin else was normal. Guess this finishes it.

P.S Shim says he wont be able to be coming online or blogging anymore for the time being as the exams are gonna start reali soon.

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